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Transition to crib when one spouse works/travels

So, just finished our MOTN feeding and had a minor freak out when I realized this. Twins currently are 16 wks old and sleep in rock n plays in our room. We are planning to transition them to their cribs in the next couple of weeks. They are still waking for one MOTN feeding but they sleep now from 8pm til around 4/4:30 then go back down til 7/7:30. DH travels for work so when he is gone usually I feed them then place in the RNP's and rock back to sleep. Obvs when they go to cribs I can't rock both of them even for a few mins before laying down (I have tried! Thy get mad). How did you work this transition with only one person doing bedtime? I know we want to move toward laying them down while drowsy and they put themselves to sleep but I am afraid they will outgrow their RNP's before they are old enough to CIO. And I don't think we will be able to get this transition done w/o CIO unfortunately. So I guess what I am saying is.... Pray for me! Lol

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  • In my opinion, the sooner you do the transition the better. It sounds like you have them on a pretty solid schedule so my guess is it will be easier than you think. Crying it out doesn't have to be this big bad thing - there is a difference between letting your children scream for hours on end and letting your child self soothe a little to fall sleep. I never was able to rock our kids to sleep either because I don't have enough arms lol, but they got along ok. Sure, they cried sometimes and that's ok. Just go back in, rock a little bit, lay them back down and try again. You can do this!
  • We had a rough transition from RNP's to cribs, too. Our boys got too big for RNP's even though they looooved them. I can't speak to how to do the transition when flying solo, but a few things that worked for us were: - daytime naps in the cribs to get them used to it - a musical mobile that I turned on at bedtime and after the MOTN feeding - SwaddleMe's I wrote up a list of all of the things that worked for us since so many of our friends are also making the transition. I hope it helps. Good luck!

    My favorite activities and tips for surviving different phases with our twins!

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  • @kde4 I read your blog on another post and I LOVE it! I hope you post more about your boys, they are just ahead of ours and your advice is super helpful (and entertaining!)
  • @EmJ628 Thank you so much for that compliment! I absolutely love writing about them and sharing with other moms. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I'll keep posting. :)

    My favorite activities and tips for surviving different phases with our twins!

  • My suggestion would be not to transition them both at the same time. It will take longer, but might be easier on you! Once one is comfortable with the crib, then you can transition the other.
    Just know that it might be tough. Those RNP are wonderful, and the babies sure do seem to love them. It's good you're getting them out of them now though. I think we let our boys stay in them too long because they ended up in helmets from the flat spot on the back of their heads :( Although, that was years ago, maybe they make them more cushioned now days...
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