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Nervous for second scan

I had an ultrasound last Monday at 6w3d and my dr couldn't find a fetal pole. Just an empty sac. This wouldn't have crushed me entirely bc it's still fairly early but I know normally you should be able to see more. But he said even if a baby does begin to develop he's not hopeful at all bc the boarders of the whole thing weren't totally circular like they should be. Basically he said to prepare for a miscarriage but he wanted to do another round of betas just to see where I was. This could be my 4th loss. I don't know how many more times I can walk into an appointment and hear bad news. Anyway, I figured my numbers would be low. But they were 40,239. I put that into the beta calculator online along with my previous number from 2 weeks before and it showed a doubling every 2.3 days. So that just confused me. So he wants to repeat the scan this Monday. And now my morning sickness has gotten worse each day. Actually threw up this morning. Now I'm even more confused. It's honestly letting me get my hopes up which I know is bad. Im just sick of hearing "watch, wait and see". Sorry for the novel with no direction. I just needed to get this out. I haven't told even my mom yet. Just my husband and bff who has been pregnant exactly 3 times and has 3 beautiful kiddos. So her ability to understand is very limited even though she tries so hard. What do you ladies do to pass the time between appointments like this?
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Re: Nervous for second scan

  • I'm in the same boat. Had an early ultrasound this past week and only saw the sac. Next appointment is 9 days away.....
    Other than trying to to stay busy, I went to acupuncture yesterday which was awesome. I feel like it's a mini-therapy session before the actual acupuncture.
    Good luck!
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    I'm so sorry you're in this position! The "limbo" period is pure torture. With my loss we saw the baby but it measured small and the HB was very slow. We were told to be hopeful and come back in a week for a viability scan. That week waiting was the absolute worst. You just have to try to distract yourself with other activities, work, etc. I know none of this is very helpful so I'm sorry! I wish I had better advice! Good luck and fingers crossed for you!

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  • Distraction. Read or watch tv. Things that take you out of your head. Fall asleep to music or tv (set timer) to keep your brain from spiraling out of control.
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  • I like to pretend it's not really happening, which is nearly impossible with MS. I echo others' thoughts here. I will just say that I read almost an identical story to yours which had an update and everything was fine and great at that next scan. I mean, you never know, but I thought I was reading the same post!
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