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Can't stop crying

poocky87poocky87 member
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I am currently 26weeks prego 1st time mom and my emotions are out of control.. I believe it has to do with my current situation moved in with my inlaws to save money to buy a house. To top things off we have a 1yr cat and they don't want him here I think he is not adjusting to this move as well and taking out his aggression on me and started biting me. I just want to have my life back has any one gone through this I need advise I don't like crying at the drop of a dime

Re: Can't stop crying

  • It's ok to cry - your body and mind are going through so much change and you will be extra sensitive. Try not to be so hard on yourself!! Hang in there. You will probably find yourself crying more for the first couple of weeks once baby comes and that is completely normal too.b
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