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Intro: MC @ 9 weeks

Hi ladies, sorry you are all here, sad times.
I had my first miscarriage this past Wednesday. I was 9 weeks, but baby was only measuring a little over 6 with a non-measurable fetal heart rate at our ultrasound onTuesday. I had already started bleeding by then, so I knew it was over despite the hopeful chimes of the ultrasound tech "Are you sure your dates are correct?". I miscarried naturally at home and despite my raging anxiety due to the internet research on what to expect, I experienced little to no pain and it was all over pretty quickly which I am eternally thankful for. 

One thing I wanted to talk to you all about were the signs that might have given you comfort in the days since your miscarriage. I MC'd on Wednesday AM and around lunch time I was sitting in the yard with my dog and son playing and relaxing. While sitting there, all of a sudden a huge Monarch butterfly started fluttering around my face and head. Mind you I am in New England in November and I was thinking to myself, how bizarre is this, I didn't even know butterflies were around this time of year. As I watched it flutter off I felt so peaceful thinking what a nice moment to let me know this little spirit I had carried around was giving me a little message of it's transformation back to the Earth. At least that's what I like to think! Anyone else experience something that gave them some peace during this sad time?

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