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Flip Diapers for Twins

I am due in December with twin boys, they will probably arrive within 2 weeks or so. I plan on using the Flip diapers. Does anyone have experience with the flips? How many should I get? I will be a SAHM so I don't mind washing often. Thanks!

Re: Flip Diapers for Twins

  • I wasn't a fan, I just had 3, in a very diverse stash. I sold them early on as the velcro and elastics showed wear quickly. They also fit pretty big, didn't work til 2 months on my full term girls. If you're expecting your twins to be early (and small) you might want to look at covers that are 2 size (blueberry Capri or my favourite-Rumparooz). The Rumparooz newborn fit my friends baby at 5.5lbs, and fit my full term baby for months.

    Whatever you decide, consider buying just a couple to start, before getting a full stash. You could still use flip inserts, or whatever kind you like-even prefolds folded in thirds work.
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  • I haven't used Flips but I've heard similar to what @ForeverEverAfter shared....the elastics do not hold up for very long. Besides that, many really like Flips and include them in their stash. Relaxed elastics happen in all cloth diapers but some brands are more well known for their durability. I personally like blueberry capris a lot!
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  • I guess I am in the minority, but I like my Flips a lot. BG is pretty netoriuos for elastic that wears out a little quicker than other brands, but like PP said, all elastics wear out and if you are careful with your diapers they will last. (We have used the a few of our Flips for just over 2 years) The velcro is pretty bad, but ours with snaps have held up well 

    Honestly though, they will not work for newborns and didn't work for me until my daughter was about 14 pounds and had some good sized theighs, but I love the variety of inserts and the ease of Flips.
    I would plan on at least 10 covers if I planned on washing EOD starting at about 2 months of age. 

    ETA: these are not covers to buy used. Buy new so that you know that the ealstics are tight and you can start taking care of them from the begining. 
  • I love my Flip diapers! Advice for the covers is to hang them length wise so the elastic aren't stretching out on the drying rack. I also recommend trifolding prefolds in the covers and skipping the Flip inserts completely. I am getting ready to cloth diaper my 3rd kiddo with my Flip covers and prefolds. They have been awesome for us!
  • I love my flips. I've been using them for about 18 months; the elastic has held up better on some than on others. I don't use the flip inserts though; I use padfolded flats. They are pretty big for a newborn.

    My son was 6 lbs 1 oz, and we started with prefolds and Thirsties size 1 covers (marketed as 0-9 months, fit my son until about 13 months) and Rumparooz newborn (fit for a little over three months). 
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  • I use Flips when we are out since they're more compact, but they don't work nearly as well as the Rumparooz I have. I agree with others that they would probably be a bit too large on a newborn, too. I only started cloth diapering when LO was four months, and she's big, and she started on the medium setting (of sm/med/lg) with the Flips. I think if I started with a newborn, I'd probably use disposables again the first week or two since I don't think laundry would be top priority for me. I also had a big baby (8 lbs 9 oz), so I wouldn't necessarily invest in newborn cloth diapers for just a couple weeks. But for two that are likely going to be smaller, I could see where it might be a good investment to get some AIOs to simplify life a bit!
  • Love my leaks at all so far. I will have 2 in cloth as off next year. (12 mths apart)
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    The flip hybrids (the style I am trying) have great reviews, not Velcro anymore but snaps. I am also getting a few rumparooz for the double gussets to try once baby is a heavy wetter. I plan on sewing most of the diapers myself so we are starting with a few and then I will know how to make them right for our little one (due any day) not planning on using cloth until a month or so old depending on how everything goes.
  • Flips are by far my favorite. They fit my baby from 2 weeks. They are still going strong 21 months later. They are so easy

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