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Overwhelming fertility tests

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Hello everyone!
I am a newbie here. My name is Angela, I am 26, and I live in Northern Virginia. My DH and I have been TTC our first child for 11 months.

Last month we decided it may be in our best interest to see a fertility specialist. The experience (up until last Wednesday 10/28) has been a positive one. The doctor and nurses are super friendly, and I have felt really comfortable with them.

I had my initial consult, two ultrasounds during different times in my cycle, bloodwork, cultures, and an HSG test.

The HSG test is where I got pushed to my limit. The test hurt SO BAD, and I was not prepared for that kind of pain. The doctor had a lot of trouble inserting the catheter, and when he finally did get it in, I felt an intense sharp pain that made me jump off the table. The pain was short lived, lasting around a minute or so, but it felt like the longest minute of my life. It took a good four days to stop cramping from the test. My test came back normal.

I am still suppose to have a sonohystogram and an endometrial biopsy done, but the pain of the HSG test has me a little traumatized. I told the nurse at the fertility clinic that I want to politely decline my remaining tests. She was nice about it. I haven't heard anything back from my doctor, and I am not sure if he wants to do a follow up appointment with me because I have not completed all the recommended tests. I am afraid of getting bullied into doing these other tests. :(

Some other info: my DH did his first SA and it came back with low motility (not sure of the numbers because the doctor didn't tell us). He repeated a second SA today, so I guess we will just have to wait and see what that reveals.

Bottom line... Am I crazy for declining the other two tests? To my knowledge, all my tests have been normal (I'm not 100% sure because I haven't been to a follow up appointment). I am really overwhelmed that I have to go through these procedures, and if my DH's sperm motility/count is of concern, I don't see why I have to subject myself to more painful tests. What do you guys think?

Thanks everyone for hearing my story!! It's a difficult time for me, and this seems like a great place to come for support.

Re: Overwhelming fertility tests

  • I don't think you are crazy at all. You have the right to refuse any medical procedures you want. It is still very possible that those two tests can reveal issues - a decent percentage of couples with infertility have issues with both people - but given your age I don't think there is anything wrong to wait on more invasive tests if there is a known problem with DHs sperm.
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  • Sorry the HSG was so painful for you.  We were not offered a sonohystogram or an endometrial biopsy.  Is your doctor presenting them as standard procedures, or is there something about your particular situation that makes them particularly important for you?  Whatever the case, you should not be bullied into putting your body through things. 

    Since you're in NoVa, the good news is you should have more doctors to choose from if you want to get a second opinion or meet other REs.  I am in DC, and my RE has DC and NoVa offices.  I've found him to be very compassionate.  Feel free to message me if you want his info.
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  • I agree with PP...if nothing has come up on your end, and something is up with DH's sperm, that may well explain your difficulties. I had a sono, but never had an HSG (ultimately they sort of look at the same thing, at least from my understanding of why we did it). Never had a biopsy, despite getting a hysteroscopy. I'd ask your RE what's the reasoning behind these tests, and whether there's anything you can try now (IUI, maybe?). Best of luck to you!
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    Thanks for the replies :)
    I am stressing myself out worrying about if my doctor giving me a hard time, or wondering what's going to happen next.

    If my DHs SA comes back with abnormal results, my RE is going to refer him to a urologist, so hopefully we will get some answers in the near future.

    In the meantime I have my DH eating 1/2 cup of walnuts a day, and taking ashwagandha supplements in an effort to boost sperm motility/count. I read some studies that report improvement with these methods. Can't hurt I guess!
  • The HSG was so so so painful for me too and left me traumatized! Thought I was going to pass out from the pain. And by later that evening I couldn't stand up straight and could only hunch over I was so sore. No blockages were found on me either.

    I've been told that no other procedures hurt like that one does... But outside of the HSG the only other test I've had was a blood test for AMH levels so I can't speak from personal experience. I wasn't recommended for anything else by my RE. Did your RE give you reasons for the other tests?
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  • I think the tests that my RE recommends are standard for his practice. He didn't really give me a reason why, but I haven't talked to him personally about not wanting to complete the rest of the testing yet. I talked to a nurse and she was understanding. My husband spoke to a receptionist today about scheduling a follow up and said that the doctor doesn't usually do a follow up until all the tests are complete. :-/
  • Hey there. 

    I can tell you at my RE's office all of the test you mentioned are 100% required for them to proceed with treatment for you. Their logic is that fertility is expensive and they absolutely don't want to proceed with any procedures unless they're sure there are no compounding issues. There are definitely clinics that will treat you without those tests, but the one you're at may not be one of them. 

    I don't think that you're crazy for declining tests, but I would gently advise this. If you do end up needing any kind of treatment, many of these processes are hard and long. You may want to mentally prepare. 

    Good luck on your journey!
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  • Thanks for the info! I will complete the procedures if it comes down to it. I am going to wait and see if my DHs sperm motility/count is something that can be improved. If his count/motility does not end up improving, or if it improves and we still don't get our BFP, I will probably continue with testing.
  • DH just got off the phone with the doctor. They said I can do without the endometrial biopsy, but the sonohystogram is required before a follow up consult. They will not discuss DHs SA results until the consult... Bummer, but understandable. I guess I will put on my big girl pants and get it over with next cycle :-SS
  • @Agraf89 Just think about it as getting closer to your end goal, the delivery of which will be more painful and uncomfortable than any infertility test. You can do it!
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