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First appointment after loss

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I am 4wk 3 days now. I had a mc with my first pregnancy at 7wks. Should I wait longer to make an appointment soon or wait a few weeks?

Re: First appointment after loss

  • Sorry for your loss. There isn't much that can be seen via ultrasound before 6 weeks. But, your doctor may want to run some blood work. After my mc, my doctor wanted to see me at 6 weeks instead of 9 weeks like he normally sees patients. I would call and explain to them your history and see what they want.
  • Same as above - had my first appointment at 6 weeks; was able to hear a heartbeat at that point which was awesome. If your OB is anything like mine, you probably need to call now to get an appointment on the books for two weeks from now.
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  • It doesn't hurt to call and ask when they think you should come in. Some docs won't see you early after one mc, but they may be willing to run beta hcg for you at least now to make sure it's starting off well! My doc is seeing me this week at 6 wks since I've had 4 mc, but she sent me for bloodwork right when I called her with my bfp. Even if they won't see you early, you should be able to request bloodwork for peace of mind in the meantime!
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  • You could get your progesterone and hcg levels checked now, but I wouldn't schedule an ultrasound until at least 6 weeks. Congratulations!
  • Yup. Agree with the ladies. I found out before my period around 4weeks and called my doc. He said to come in the following week so my first appt was at 5weeks+ a few days. They took a urine sample and did a bloodtest.
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