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Using vibration on pack and play

We have a pack and play that has a napper that has a low and high vibration mode.  He will go to sleep very easily if we put it on for him, however the doctor said to turn it off after he has fallen alseep because he will get a rude awakening when we transition to the crib (baby is 5 weeks) the problem is, when I turn it off it can sometimes wake him up, so if I know he is really tired I will keep it on,  Suggestions for helping him get away from the vibration?

Re: Using vibration on pack and play

  • This is probably not helpful, but if it helps him sleep, I'd leave it on and worry about transition to the crib when that time comes. Some may flame/disagree, but I've never subscribed to the philosophy that things you do at this age will form habits that you can't change.
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  • ^^^ yes! All of this! I agree that tactics now do not guarantee bad habits later. I also think that the first 3 months are basically survival mode! Don't make unnecessary battles for yourself when you're already running on little sleep and constantly changing patterns. Fight those battles when they come up later!
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  • Our little man occasionally sleeps in his bouncy chair for the sole reason of 'it vibrates!' We are even taking it on a road trip with us because sometimes it's the only way to get him to sleep!

    I also read that babies don't form sleep habits until at least 6 months!
  • I agree with others, you really can't create bad habits this early. My pediatrician actually told us let the baby sleep wherever he sleeps best for the first few months (obviously within safe guidelines- on his back with no loose blankets etc), whether that's the RnP, crib, bouncy chair etc.
  • Great.. guess I better stock up on batteries then! LOL 
  • Yup, I used the same thing on swing and bassinet. Helped her stay asleep. The swing stayed on while the bassinet one turned off after so long (I think like 10 minutes?). She was fine once we transitioned her out of it. I actually use the one from the bassinet (it's removable unit) and put on the light/vibration in her crib sometimes. The noise from the vibration puts her back to sleep when she starts to stir. The light comes in handy when I check on her as it's not super bright. I'd worry about it later, for now do what works! Also, anytime we did anything different with her sleeping it was a Friday, that way I had 2 days to catch up on lost sleep...but so far every transition has gone smoothly :)
  • I agree with PP. My LO took a lot of naps in his swing when he was a newborn. We had no issues down the road and now he sleeps and naps in his crib just fine. For now, do what works for you and don't worry about bad habits quite yet.
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