CPAP caused skin erosion

My little boy was born at 28 weeks. He's been in the NICU for 12 days now and was doing really great on just the CPAP (no ventilation.) They mentioned 3 days ago that he had a "little irritation" on the skin between his nostrils, then yesterday they said the skin fell off entirely!! I haven't seen his nose yet as it's been covered (and he is still on CPAP.) The doctors said he would have a scar that could be fixed with plastic surgery later, but I'm looking at pictures of other babies missing this skin piece and it's scary -- not just a small scar! It looks like their noses are fully open with one big nostril. Has anyone had a similar experience? (I hope not, but if you do/did any insights would be appreciated!) Is there any chance this will heal somewhat normally?
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