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Formula fed , Any allergies ? I'm not sure

Hi , little Bub is 11 weeks old , and has been formula fed since she was 5 days. We also breast feed but I guess due to milk supply she cries for hunger so I have to top up some formula milk to satisfy her .
A few days ago , she had diarrhea , with mucus and blood , she also has flaky and dry skin on her belly.
One dr suggested it might be an allergy and wean it off right away . but the other asked me to wean the formula gradually .
Since I ended up with a very cranky baby after weaning it all off , I changed the milk from S26 gold to NAN .
I hope I did the right thing ? I will be visiting another paed , whom I'm hoping to get real answers from on Monday .
Please help if anyone out there has any suggestions and can help .

Re: Formula fed , Any allergies ? I'm not sure

  • The flaky, dry skin would not concern me. Mine has dry skin and that's all it is, just dry skin. The diarrhea would be more concerning since there was mucus and blood in it. But I would also ask yourself was it a one time thing or is the problem ongoing? Since you do breast feed, did YOU eat something your LO could be allergic to? Maybe something different that you don't usually eat? That's assuming the diarrhea was a one time or one day thing.

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