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Infant day care :(

My baby is 2 months now and I need to go back to work. I really don't want to and I wish we could afford for me to not need to go back.
It's so hard looking for a good day care and especially one that accepts subsidized pay.
I hope I qualify for free child care or that I can get it fairly cheap. I don't want anyone other than myself or family to take care of her but I don't have anyone reliable enough.

Re: Infant day care :(

  • I hope you find what you need. Have you thought about Or asking around of people you know?
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  • Are you sure you can't afford to stay at home? Have you ever really sat down with your husband and looked at the numbers? It may take some sacrifice but I think people assume your H has to be rolling in the dough. If I were you I would really look at all your bills and what you spend and see if you can't make it work, you may be surprised.
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  • I agree with @hazeldagarr
    i hope it works out. My heart breaks for you.
  • Staying home would be hard. But I think I can afford my bills with only working a couple days
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