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When did your LO produce tears?

My baby girl is almost 12 weeks old...and she still has never produced a tear. Is that normal?

Re: When did your LO produce tears?

  • My baby is 8 weeks, she acidity cried tears the other day when her father was playing with her big brother and tried scaring him but it scared her and me instead. I knocked the bottle or of her mouth as she was half asleep and it was the first time she was truly upset
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  • It took DD1 a long time to cry tears, I can't remember exactly but DD2 has been producing tears since early on, almost right away. I think, like most things, every baby is different.
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  • My baby has had tears always. It's possible your baby just isn't upset enough to cry actual tears. Mine only has tears if her big sister really scares her or she is mega starving for her bottle.
  • Mine cries with tears all the time since about 3 weeks. She doesn't really give hunger cues, so she often ends up crying before I realize I need to get her a bottle.

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  • Mine also cries with tears pretty much every time he cries. He has from the beginning.
  • Day 1 with DD2. Around 4-5 weeks I think with DD1
  • I have only seen my lo cry tears a couple of times. When she was 7 weeks old and had to have an IV put in and then for her two month shots. It broke my heart and we both cried real tears.
  • My little one is 11 weeks and she still doesn't have tears either! Our doctor said not to worry...they will come!!

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