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Snuza hero vs. Owlet sock

Hey, I have a prem and am looking to buy a breathing monitor of sorts for when he comes home. I was thinking of the snuza hero or the owlet sock. The owlet is a bit more high tech but also over 100$ more than the snuza. Has anyone tried either of these monitors and wants to share their experience, opinions? TIA

Re: Snuza hero vs. Owlet sock

  • We used the Snuza for DS until he started rolling over/sleeping on belly in his crib. Then, we switched to the angel care monitor that goes under the mattress. The Snuza only gave a couple of false alarms when DS started moving a lot in his sleep and it would come away from his body, but that was very rare and usually my fault for not putting it on well enough. I could see the little light blinking through his sleep sack and it always made me sleep better. We had a real alarm one time and I am forever grateful for having it!

    The owlet wasn't out in 2013 when I was using the Snuza, but I would be interested in hearing experiences with it.
  • We are home with our preemie and had a close call where she was blue when I check on her. Since then we have slept in shifts watching her. I ordered the owlet but it won't be here til Monday. The reviews all look great. Amazon has it on sale right now for about $250.
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  • Omigosh that would be so scary! What's 250$ compared to the life of our baby!

    Thanks for the review on the snuza!
  • We also use the snuza and it helps me feel comfortable sleeping. We've only had 2 false alarms but it wasn't on his diaper securely.
  • I kind of wish we had the owlet for this baby because thinking back, I would forget to put the Snuza on his diaper when he fell asleep and I'd worry about waking him up to put it on. A "sock"'would be so much easier!!
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    I have the owlet and have been using it on my preemie since I brought her home from the NICU 11 months ago. I absolutely love it. I actually used the snuza for 2 days before I got my owlet and I was not a fan of the snuza. It would leave a really sore mark on my baby and I would get tons of false alarms. With the owlet I have never had any false alarms or any problems with it. I can't imagine not having my owlet because the peace of mind it has brought me and my husband has been priceless. I most definitely think that the owlet is worth every penny. I am also very grateful for my owlet, last month it helped me and my baby's pediatrician diagnose her with rsv before she was showing any symptoms because my owlet was letting me know that she was having problems with her oxygen levels. My owlet has been my most favorite baby product that I have ever purchased and I highly recommend it to everyone. I also love that there is a free app you can download and be able to see your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels while they are wearing the owlet, also the app will alert you along with the owlet if there is a problem with your baby's vitals. 
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