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36 and TTC question (loss mentioned)

This may sound like a strange question but I could use a little advice. We started trying again after a loss in late June. We tried last month but we're unsuccessful. I just ovulated so we tried again this week.
I have been doing a series of facials at the spa. I have paid for 4. I have one more left on nov 13. They are herbal peels. I told my esthetician that I was TTC and she said that you can't do these while pregnant so to make sure to tell her right away of I am. I won't know if I'm pregnant by the time the next facial is. My period isn't due until nov 14. Should I cancel the appointment? I know this is a strange question but I really want to be pregnant again and after the loss im a little nervous.

Re: 36 and TTC question (loss mentioned)

  • If it will make you nervous I would reschedule for after AF is due.

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  • Yep, I'm with @Jenniferk08 Cancel if you feel nervous. A facial should be relaxing and if you can't relax because you are worried that you may be pregnant, it won't be enjoyable. And, if you go ahead with it are pregnant, then you may worry about that. I've taken to scheduling anything I feel nervous about for when AF visits. Good luck!
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  • Thank you both. I think I will reschedule to a few days later, I will know by then. Thanks so much
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