Snuza hero vs owlet

Hey, just wondering if anyone has used either of these devises. Big look pretty good. Owlet appears to be the better one but is over 100$ more. I don't mind posting it if it's worth it but wanted some other opinions from people who have experience with them. TIA

Re: Snuza hero vs owlet

  • I never heard of owlet but we used the snuzahero with ds and it worked great did have some false alarms due to him moving and it lifting off his belly but in my opinion that made it good it was very sensitive and I was comforted knowing it would go off to any lack of movement. I tested it on myself multiple times and it always worked I even had my husband jump on bed next to me while I held my breath and it still went off lol I was really paranoid. My son is 14 months now 12 adjusted I stopped using it a little over a month ago due to him moving more and basically figured out he can take it off. Hope this helps:)
  • O and the I never had to change the battery once I used it for probably 10 months during the night :)
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  • We were told by NICU to not use these devices for our preemie. If they need an oxygen or heart monitor you'll go home with one. If not, these give a false sense of security.
  • True if that what your using it for but for most its just an extra precaution my son still slept in our room in his own sleeping space. I still woke up to check in him multiple times and never depended soley on our device. These devices don't guarentee anything but they can and have saved lives. There is nothing wrong with using them as long as you stay intune with your child. Its a personal preference one of the head nicu nurses that took care my son is the one that told me about using one of these.
  • Thanks forêt the replies! I think I'll go with the owlet. I would rather have it and be a waste of money then not and something happens. Of course we will do all the safe sleep practices and monitor him ourselves but all babies, especially prems can suddenly stop breathing even if they have had a good history in the nicu.
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    I have personally used both. I wasn't the biggest fan of the snuza, it would leave sore marks on my baby and  Iw would get lots of false alarms as well. I love my owlet, I have been using it for 11 months on my baby and have never had any false alarms or any problems with it. I definitely think that it is worth every penny. I can't say enough good things about my owlet. I love that while I am sleeping it is monitoring my baby and will alert me if there is a problem. I am also grateful for my owlet because a month ago it helped me and my baby's pediatrician diagnose her with rsv before she was showing any symptoms because my owlet was letting me know that she was having problems with her oxygen levels. The owlet has brought both my husband and me great peace of mind using it on her. I highly recommend the owlet to everyone!
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