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Omg just found out we are having TWINS

Hey guys, I'm in shock just found out we are having twins, ( we are 8 weeks X 4 days ) never in a million years would I think this would happen to me. However twins run on my mom , and dads side so I don't know why I'm so surprised.

Anyway I am terrified of " vanishing twin syndrome, has anyone experienced this phenomenon? Or know how common it is , or when I can get excited about the thought of twins !!
I'm so worried about being "high risk" now ...

Re: Omg just found out we are having TWINS

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    As far as I know the "vanishing twin" isn't common especially after 8 weeks :) I don't think you would be considered "high risk" with twins either unless other factors are involved. I could be totally wrong though. Congrats!
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    I am a twin :)

    But yes, you are considered high risk with multiples- but I think (in normal pregnancies) that term sounds scarier than it really is.
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    Well there ya go! I'm wrong about the high risk part! Try not to worry too much! Lots of people in my family have had twins and have had a healthy pregnancy! Good luck!!
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    Thanks guys, saw baby "a"s heartbeat was 160 and baby "b" was 150. I need to stay off google and all the talk of this vanishing twin thing b/c it's got me freaked out!!
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    Twins are considered high risk as others have said. I think vanishing twins are extremely rare
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    Your pregnancy will be high risk and the worst part is that they don't have a lot of data on twins pregnancies. So when they check certain things, it may be "abnormal" for a singleton pregnancy but there is no study for multiples. So be prepared for a lot of extra appointments just to double check on things.
    Most twin pregnancies have no major issues, but I'd discuss with your doctor what their procedures are when it comes to multiples. I'd also ask what their protocol is for what they consider "full term". Our doctor's won't let us go past 38 weeks without induction. Another good thing to find out is if the hospital you're delivering a has its own Nicu just in case something happens.
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    Congratulations times two! Take a deep breath & remember Google is not going to be your best friend through the rest of your pregnancy. ;)
    Definitely talk to your OB about any concerns and fears you are facing. You've got this! Best wishes!!
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    Appreciate the advice, yes it is hard to stay off google as I don't know anyone who's had twins or what's to except now.. Everything s change times two lol!
    I will start to make a list of questions when I see my midwife in a couple of days for my 9 week appointment.
    I read that most multiple pregnancies average 35-37 weeks so I am prepared to be expecting earlier.
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    Congrats!! How exciting! My sister in law had twins and went to 39 weeks but usually I think they do arrive earlier. Google is not your friend.

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    Congrats! Twins skipped over me, which is surprising. Considering the fact the my mom's side of the family is really well known for having twins! :) But I do agree with everyone here about Google. Actually, just search engines in general. Yikes! They're a Pregnant Woman's worse enemy, AND Nightmare!
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    That's wonderful! Congratulations! All the best x
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    I have then I lost my other twins now preg with twins againpraying they both make it
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    @dawnsneed awe so sorry for your loss that's difficult .. How far were you? I'm counting down the days till I'm at least 12 weeks . It can't come sooner I want these babies so bad.
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    Congrats! "High risk" is kind of like how moms 35+ are considered "geriatric". It's just classifications. 
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