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Ferber no paci

My girly needs to be held to fall asleep. She fights it so much even while being held. With fighting she will take sometimes 30 mins to fall asleep and only take a 30 min nap. For night time she still wakes up at least twice a night. Pretty much all of the time I feed her to sleep so she will go to bed. (I know it's a bad habit) On the few times we have tried to let her cry it out, she will just scream until I give up and get her and then continue to cry in my arms. So won't self sooth at all. I really don't like pacifiers so we need some ideas. Please!

Re: Ferber no paci

  • How old is your daughter?

    Naps suck for babies around the 3-6 month age range. That is normal. I might be in the minority but after 2 children, I see nothing wrong with a baby falling asleep while eating. It happens naturally for them so I just rolled with it. I've done that with both of my kids and they sleep just fine.

    I really think timing is everything with naps. You need to put your LO down at the first sign of being tired. Feed her, rock her, do whatever your normal bedtime routine is and then leave the room. If she has been fed, has a clean diaper and is clearly tired then she is just fighting sleep because that's what babies do. Knowing this always made it easier to let my kids fuss a bit. They were just super tired.

    No matter what you do, you have to stay 100% consistent or nothing will work. If you give in and get her out of bed she will know she can cry and get her way. (I don't suggest leaving her to cry if she's under like 5-6 months old). BE CONSISTENT!

  • She just turned 15 weeks. I think we might have to wait until she is a bit older but I really want her to sleep on her own...
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  • AKOL0 said:
    She just turned 15 weeks. I think we might have to wait until she is a bit older but I really want her to sleep on her own...

    OH! Yes, that changes everything. She is too young to be expected to sleep on her own or not fall asleep eating. That will take time. I know it's frustrating and exhausting but there's not a whole lot you can do right now.

    I had to hold my first child for most of his naps for the first few months. It sucked but it's the only way he would sleep.

    Is your LO in a crib for naps? Perhaps try something else like a swing or RnP?

  • After she falls asleep in our arms, if she allows us to put her down, we place her in her pacnplay next to my chair so I'm still near by. She doesn't really like her swing but will occasionally go in it and stay asleep. She has never actually fallen sleep in her swing.
  • I'm typing this as my 4 month old naps on top of me, post-feed.

    She will nap in her crib at home and daycare, we wait on her to be tired and stick her in there. She'll fuss for 5-10 minutes and then fall asleep. But she sleeps longer and better on top of me, so if I have time on the weekend I let her take her midday nap with me in the glider while I catch up on my reading and online shopping.

    I always feed her to sleep at night and it has caused zero issues...typically she sleeps in her crib from about 730-430, eats, and goes back down until around 7. Some nights she skips the feed and sleeps straight through to about 630. I don't get the fuss about feeding to sleep as it hasn't caused us any issues. If I feed her MOTN and she doesn't fall asleep, I just rock her for a few minutes and put her in the crib awake...she goes back to sleep on her own after a max of 20-30 minutes every time with no crying whatsoever.

    15 weeks is too young to sleep train...wait until at least 4 months.
  • there was a great article on kellymom. com on nursing to sleep . i couldnt get thelink to save but You should deff look it up. i nurse to sleep all the time plus comfort nurse. its The fastest and easiest way too get my LO to sleep . And he'll sleep from 730 to about 3. and he'll nap about 40 mins in his crib 3X a day.
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