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Anyone losing weight/dietary changes before TTC?

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Hello everyone,

I have been an infrequent contributer to The Bump since my TTC date was pushed back (decided to go back to school). BUT my husband and I are planning to start TTC in August, and I'm reaching a point where that no longer feels like a crazy long time from now.

I had a goal of losing 20 pounds prior to that date, and I'm six pounds down right now- but finding it difficult to stick with it and continue losing.

Is anyone else in the same boat? Do you have any communities that you participate in to help with your goal? Wanting to be a healthier me & have a healthy pregnancy is great motivation but it'd be nice to have some support from people who are on the same journey & just be able to hear about their tips & struggles etc.

Re: Anyone losing weight/dietary changes before TTC?

  • I joined weight watchers to be 118 pounds before ttc... but then I got down to 118 and we continued to avoid so I had one too many sushi dinners and now I'm at 121 lol But weight watchers has been fun.. I like their system
  • I've lost 60lbs in the last year and a half using MyFitnessPal. I highly recommend it and using the forums to get answers to your questions. They are straightforward folks who don't spout rainbows and glitter.

    FYI, I currently lose about 1lb a week eating 1800 to 2000 calories a day. You don't have to eat super low calories to lose weight. It makes it easier to accept losing a little slower so that you can eat more while you do it. You'll be able to stick to it and ultimately hit your goal.
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  • I really would like to. I've gained some weight over the past three years, and I'd really like to lose 30-40 pounds before we TTC. I have MyFitnessPal, although I haven't used it lately. I have been tracking my weight and measurements for a few months now.

    I was debating joining cross fit. A ton of my friends really like one of the gyms here. But we just got in a tight financial position, so no way is that happening for a while.

    Honestly, I know what I need to do, I just don't do it. I need to eat smaller meals (I tend to take large portions and eat way more than I need because it tastes good), I need to cook more and eat healthier food, and I need to just get off my butt and go outside and run or bike or just be active.
  • I am currently working on losing weight. The first time around I had GD and pregnancy induced hypertension (it was high enough hat I was induced before it could turn into pre-e). Losing weight will lower my chances of getting them again. Not to mention the diabetes scare really hit home as I'm pretty much guaranteed to get it if I don't change my habits. So I have started working towards that.

    I am about 7 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight but I would like to lose about 17 more in total. I know I can do it if I stop being lazy!
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  • I use Beachbody programs and love them - especially the 21 Day Fix.  If you find a coach (it's really not hard to do that, you probably have a friend or a friend of a friend who is one - just ask on FB) you'll get access to their challenge groups and other supportive communities. I really like that they combine diet and exercise in one program and if you have a good coach, it can be a lot of fun. I know some programs tend to emphasize one over the other and that was such an unsuccessful approach for me and larger support groups weren't cutting it.
  • Im trying to lose a few lbs too, but Halloween candy and pumpkin everything is not helping! But tonight I'm proud of myself because even tho DH is working late and I could just catch up on tv I went to the gym. Now I just have to do it again tomorrow, and again....
    Good luck to everyone with their goals. We can do it!
  • Well since my husband still hasn't shown any interest or desire in wanting to start trying, I figure I might as well loose some weight until he is ready. When I met him I weighed 125 (which was a little too thin, I kind of looked sickly). I'm currently 153 so I would like to get down to 130.
  • I use Beachbody programs and love them - especially the 21 Day Fix.  If you find a coach (it's really not hard to do that, you probably have a friend or a friend of a friend who is one - just ask on FB) you'll get access to their challenge groups and other supportive communities. I really like that they combine diet and exercise in one program and if you have a good coach, it can be a lot of fun. I know some programs tend to emphasize one over the other and that was such an unsuccessful approach for me and larger support groups weren't cutting it.

    I just finished a program called TerraFit that sounds very similar! I lost 10 pounds, which may not seem like much, but it's a freaking miracle for me since I didn't exercise throughout the whole thing....I'd like to lose 10 more pounds to be within my preferred weight range, however.
  • I am apprehensive about losing weight before/during TTC because I have heard that it can impact fertility, and that women need a certain percentage of body fat to menstruate (aka. be fertile).

    I am 5'9" and weigh 142. I have thought about losing weight only because have previously and consistently weighed in the 130s. I gained about 10 pounds in the past year, but am apprehensive because I am not sure if losing those pounds would impact me TTC.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Losing weight when you are already at a medically "healthy weight," that is.

  • I always end up on the high end of the normal range BMI. Back to my prepregnancy weight of about 142, but I'm 5'4", so that means a gain on a couple pounds and I hit the overweight mark. My goal was lose the weight before trying for a second one. I've used Weight Watchers in the past and absolutely loved it, except it was expensive to have to keep up the online services. Then I used Lose It app, but only briefly, to help with the baby weight. I think after years of eating healthy with those types of plans, I know exactly what to do, but I just am not motivated to do anything right now!

    @Knottie42853364 As for losing when you are already healthy, I don't think there is anything wrong with trying to maintain or lose a little, but I think more important than weight is the healthy eating and exercising that you do prior to getting pregnant. Unless you lose too quickly and too much, it should not significantly effect fertility. But keep in mind that pregnancy can cause a lot of nausea those first few months, so many women do not gain and in fact drop a couple pounds, so a healthy weight is essential.
  • I definitely want to lose about 25 pounds before getting pregnant as well. I've had success using myfitnesspal in the past but over the last 2 years I've put back on 30 of the 65 pounds that I had lost. I'd also like to start eating a lot healthier too!

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  • **I'm new here**

    I am definitely in the same boat. I'm only 5'2" and weigh much more than I thought I ever would after 2 years of being married and apparently not caring. But I don't want to add on 30+ pounds of baby weight to what is already too much! My lofty goal is to lose 25lb, but I'd be happy with 15-20lb as well. 

    I use MyFitnessPal and like others have noted, I know what to do I just actually have to do it. I'm great at the working out thing, for me it's making sure I keep my calories where they need to be. Good luck ladies!

  • I'm working (still) on getting rid of the weight I gained from my first pregnancy so my husband and I can start planning the second. I wanted support and people to hold me accountable, so I started a "healthy living" Facebook group with other people who also wanted to improve their habits. I also joined MyFitnessPal, but am still getting the hang of it. You could start a group on FB for your friends and support each other, or you're welcome to pm me if you'd like me to add you to the group I started. 
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  • MKM2014 - I, too, won't be TTC until August. At the moment, I'm focusing on trying to get in better health so that this time around I don't need to worry about my weight negatively impacting any future pregnancy. I use "Lose It!" to track food on the go, and to track everything on the computer. I love the SparkPeople community section as well; lots of great recipes!

    I'm planning to start the Couch To 5K plan in the near future. I've heard a lot of great stories about it, so. Why not?
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  • I'm planning to lose 25 lbs before TTC in 2016. I need something low impact because I injured my knee 1.5 years back and running was awesome weight control. For now, I'm trying pilates which should strengthen the core and back for pregnancy and delivery but weight has still been up and down....le sigh.
  • I have lost around 40 pounds in the last year. I was able to run, which helped me get exercise that I needed and enjoyed. I also do my fitness pal and use a Fitbit. I think the Fitbit has helped me a ton.
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  • I'm totally there! I've put on close to 60+ lbs since my college days (I'm 26). I would really like to drop some of it, even if it's not all of it. I have a small frame, only 5' 4", and the weight is not healthy. I think BC might have something to do with it, though. I didn't really start putting on the weight until I got my Mirena and just haven't been able to stop gaining since then. I've been really changing our habits at home and trying to cook nightly, lots of veggies and fruits and healthy snacking throughout the day so I'm not famished come dinner time. I've also gone back to Zumba classes which really get you moving and make me feel great! Beachbody also has been another go to. I check in on a FB group managed by a beachbody coach and plan on also starting the Shakeology shakes since they are packed full of good stuff and make a good breakfast on the go so I'm not tempted to eat some really sugary granola bar instead. 

    P.S. sorry if I sound like I'm advertising the shakes. It's just what I've chosen to do. In no way am I trying to sell/advertise. 

    Good luck to of all of you on this journey! 
  • Oh i love this. I'm not the only one. Our date was april to start TTC. It's my motivation to keep going. I told my husband to not allow us to start ttc until we reach our goal weights. We are not that but have gained weight over past couple years.
    Having that as my motivation keeps me going. It's very frustrating though when you try and try and there is a week you loose 2 pounds and a week you loose maybe 0.5 pounds.
  • I too have loved myfitness pal. It's great
  • I've been focusing a lot on my health lately - eating better, exercising at least three times per week, and getting enough sleep. I don't really have to lose weight, but I want to be as healthy as possible before TTC (DH and I decided to start sometime in the next 8-10 months). I've found that keeping a food and exercise journal has helped a lot - I prefer pen and paper to apps lol.
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