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Hi Ladies,

  I have started a blog to kind of give me an outlet to write down my journey as a way both to share my experiences in hopes to give others who are going through the same thing something to relate to, as well as a personal form of self healing through writing. If you are on blogspot...feel free to read, comment or just follow my journey as well as share your own personal experiences as well. Sometimes, we just need a place to just get it all out, and sometimes we need to find others to relate to. This board has been great for that to me...I use it often to help pass along my own experiences to someone who may have questions...and vice verse. But blogging everything is kind of like a diary in a sense...and I can really just put it all out there as it comes. I encourage everyone who needs another form of outlet to do the same! I just started doing it and I already feel I have gotten a lot out! Feel free to stop by and check out my story...share your comments, or start and share your own blog so I can follow your journey! Hugs and love to you all! 

Dec 2014 - CP
Feb 2015 - No hb 8wks
July 2015 - CP
Aug 2015 - CP
RPL Tests: PAI-1 4g/4g, Heterozygous MTHFR C677T, Vit D Deficiency, Chromosome 9 inversion
January 1, 2016 - CP. Heartbroken and feeling helpless. :(
July 2017 - Finally!! FINALLY!! Our GORGEOUS baby girl was born on 7-15-17. Miracles do happen!! 

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