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Do people still try to talk you into trying one more thing?

I am so irritated with people who know that we are doing donor egg and yet they want to give me unsolicited advice on how we might want to try Chinese herbs, eliminating certain foods, etc just "one last time". Does anyone else get that or did you get that before you got pregnant with DE? I just feel so angry, one because unsolicited advice sucks abd two, because we're already past that point, uou know?
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Re: Do people still try to talk you into trying one more thing?

  • I'm sorry you are going through that. I don't think I got that much of it...just a couple of people asking if we would do adoption. That was a route that we chose not to go down, and chose DE. It's a shame that people don't recognize what others go through on their fertility journey and that trying "that one last thing" could go on forever. Sometimes you just need to **** or get off the pot. You would think that when people hear that you have gotten to the DE stage (with the psychological impacts, the hefty expense, everything you've been through), they'd get the cue that it is inappropriate to offer up more "solutions." I know they are trying to help--maybe just say "I know you are trying to help, but we've made a decision and we're not discussing other options." Or something that feels good to you.

    I actually do it to myself though, which maybe worse. My doc didn't want to "put me through" doing IVF with my OE, which was going to be last step before DE, so I still wonder what if, given my almost good outcome the last time.
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