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Long commute

I have a 1 hour commute to work and wondering if anyone else has a long commute and if so how long? My daughter is 8 weeks and I will be going back fulltime in a few more weeks and dreading it. Wondering how the long commute impacts you all.

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  • My commute is an hour each way as well. LO is 6 weeks today and I go back to work on Monday. I've planned my pumping schedule to accommodate that, but that's it so far.
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  • My commute is also an hour each way and I have a 30 min unpaid lunch that I have to take so I'm gone ~10.5 hours a day. Honestly, I hate it but I've gotten used to it. I hate having LO at daycare for that long each day so my current system is that I work one long day a week (almost 10 hours) and H does pick up/drop off for daycare. The rest of the week I leave a little early so LO won't be in daycare for almost 11 hours. Do you have to drive for that hour or is it public trans?
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  • @SmrBrd2012 I drive to work and while I haven't minded it up until now, I'm sure I will now. DH will be doing the drop off to daycare and as of now I am going to pick up on my way home. While DH still could do pick up too, I'm thinking I want to pick up so at least I'm somewhat involved in DD day. Who knows, If it becomes too much I will have him do it. I like your system of working one long day actually. I was thinking of trying to cut my hours by one hour a day just to help me avoid rush hour but your idea may work better and then it won't affect my benefits. The thought of leaving so early in am and letting DH get DD ready makes me so sad. Do you commute or drive? How does LO like daycare?
  • My commute varies from 40-60 mins depending on traffic. Thankfully DH and I work somewhat near each other so we carpool. Because of that, we opted to put DD1 in daycare near our work. This way the 3 days she is there we have that extra time with her and if we are running a little late we still get her in time. The other 2 days she is with my Mom so while I miss her, I don't feel as bad about the days being a little longer b/c of our drive time.
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  • I carpool with DH and our commute is 1-1 1/2 hrs depending on traffic here in LA. We try to leave early (6:30ish) to avoid morning rush hour, but we usually don't get home until 6:30/7. Our LO is 3 weeks, but I was already starting to think about how to manage our time once I go back to work in January. I think we'll still try to leave at 6:30am, but while I used to work until 5/5:30/6, I'm planning on leaving between 4-4:30 when I go back so that we can be home by 6. I'll probably pump during our commute like a PP mentioned as well, but this commute is really a killer now that our LO has arrived.
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  • My commute is 30 minutes and I go back to work this Thursday.  I am currently a total mess about the whole thing.

    We are currently on the wait list at our church's day care and have been since May.  So we had to find alternative plans for child care.  A former colleague will be watching Chloe.  Even though I trust her (well, as much as I trust anyone, really), I hate the arrangement.  If Chloe was going to daycare then the fiance' could drop her off at 9 or so and I would be picking her up about 3:15.  But now I have to drop her off and pick her up at the colleague's house.  She'll be without us for almost nine hours a day.  I hate it.  

    Fortunately fiance' can stay with her one or two days a week and work from home, but we'll see how that goes.  And, since I am a teacher, I'll have some holidays coming up.  

    I know I don't have it as bad as others, but, damn, it just really sucks.  It really bothers me that I will be caring for/teaching other kids while I pay for someone to watch mine.  Absolutely hate it.
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  • @imsoexcited915

    I take the train. It is nice to have some "baby free" time to myself in the morning to be able to drink my hot coffee and do a little reading/listening to podcasts! I can say now that I'm 3 months into being back to work and 2 months into LO being at daycare, we have definitely found a nice routine and it doesn't feel so hard anymore. My little dude is almost 6 months and he loves daycare! The first couple weeks when I'd pick him up I would notice that he had been crying a little. Not every day but enough to make me feel a little bad. But now when I drop him off he's all smiles with his teachers, he likes the different toys there, and I like to think he's learning how to socialize with other people/kids. He's generally a happy camper when I pick him up now too.

    I hope you can figure out a schedule that works for you! It's so hard in the beginning but it does get easier.
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