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Positive for Downs on Qnatal test!

Im 44 and I had this test completed and it came back positive for Downs. Was advised this test is 99% accurate and a false positive is very unlikely. I went ahead and did a CVS to get a final result and waiting on results, but I'm devastated. Has anyone else gone through this?

Re: Positive for Downs on Qnatal test!

  • I haven't. I'm 40 and that was a huge fear of ours. How many weeks are you? Is it the panorama test? Is this your first child? That's a huge decision I know and I'm sorry you have to hang in limbo waiting. When do you find out?
  • I am 12 weeks right now. This will be my 4th. I have a 24, 22, and 2 year old. I took the Qnatal which is the cell free dna test. Should find out in a couple days.
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  • @sherri&david hugs to you. I haven't gone through this but there are currently active posters on The Bump who have. Maybe try the search function? I swear I have seen 2 ladies connect on this issue.

    Any news?
  • @sherri&david have you gotten tour results yet? Thinking of you
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