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Most Embarrassing Moment- Pregnancy Edition

This group must have some good stories to share about their most embarrassing pregnancy moments! Lets commiserate together.

Re: Most Embarrassing Moment- Pregnancy Edition

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  • @theliops OMG you poor woman =))
  • Nothing too embarrassing this time- all the bad moments I've been blessedly at home. My last pregnancy I sneezed, full on peed my pants and got a gushing nose bleed in my hallway while people were over at our house. Blood and pee everywhere X_X
  • My worst experience was when I came in from walking the dog and just, for no reason (this was in the second trimester and I had no nausea!) just started puking.  And of course, I peed myself, as I puked.  But it wasn't the most embarrassing because there was no one around (except my poor dog, but he doesn't judge.)  

    So the most embarrassing was today, actually!  I had to go home for lunch because I forgot my phone (attack of the pregnancy brain #1) and while I was home I managed to take not only my car keys, but my husband's (attack of the pregnancy brain #2!)  Of course, I didn't realize this until I was nearly back at work and had to go all the way back home to drop them with my husband, so he wouldn't be late to his evening shift.  All said and done my lunch was 1.5 hours and I was so embarrassed explaining to my boss why I'd been gone so long.
  • I have had the sneaky fart at work a couple of times that I know people heard since I work in a quiet cubical forest.  Luckily the snissing and peeing while laughing has only happened in front of my husband and he thinks its the greatest thing ever!  He thinks its funny and also has this very sweet notion that to him on the outside it makes the baby more real and gives her personality, like she's poking mom's bladder on purpose.   
  • Mine was when I was about 8 weeks. I was at work on the custoner service desk helping a regular place an order. Hes about my age and soo hotttttt. And out of NOWHERE I suddenly needed to throw up. I started gagging as I was helping him and ran out the side door where employee parking is anf began puking my brains out... In front of some employees just pulling in. Mascara everywhere as I cry whenever I throw up. The only time I threw up.
  • I work at a small boutique where traffic tends to be pretty slow. Why is it that people decide to come in every time I think it's safe to let out a rank smelling fart? Enough said.

    These posts are hilarious. I feel so sorry for some of you ladies!!!
  • I was lucky enough to not have much morning Sickness my first trimester, so I really want expecting much stomach troubles entering into to second. One day at work I was in the restroom getting some relief from my constipation when a gurgle in my stomach quickly made it's way up.  I had to remain seated but I managed to somehow get the first upchuck in that narrow gap between my legs into the bowl.  But the second time my undies suffered a direct hit.  I figeted and took of my undies, Rinsed them off and balled them up in some paper towels.  I hadn't told my manager I was pregnant yet,  so I told him my husband locked himself out and I was taking my break to go help him. It has so far been the most embarrassing pregnancy moment for myself, not that thats a challenge to life to throw  something worse at me .
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