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A shout out to STMs

Have you had any major surprises with this pregnancy that have thrown you for a loop? How has it differed so far from previous?
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  • No this pregnancy is WAY easier then my boys. The only negative difference is I have to take the 1 hour GD test twice because I was vomitting after I drink it the first time, lets hope it stays down tomorrow.
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  • I always forget how physically exhausted I get. I'm also surprised at how the baby drops earlier with each pregnancy. At my 29 week check yesterday the baby was already engaged in my pelvis. Thank goodness my uterus is dumb ;)
  • My first pregnancy wasn't long ago, but this time I'm way bigger (which everyone reminds me of all too frequently), the heartburn has been worse, and I've never experienced fatigue like this... I've cried (more than once) because I fell asleep on the couch and didn't have the energy to go to the bathroom and to bed. My Braxton hicks also started way earlier with this pregnancy (23 weeks).
  • This one is way, way harder than my first two. Way more intense, long lasting sickness.
    Way more BH.
    I'm exhausted 99% of the time.
    Sciatica that I never had before.
    Moodiness is intensified like it never was with my ther 2.
    I've gained more weight and got a bump way sooner.
  • Braxton hicks! I never had them with my last pregnancy, and now they are daily!

    Same here. I am also a lot smaller than my first pregnancy. I also got diagnosed with Hydronephrosis and it's painful. Many more UTIs than the first and more nausea. Nausea is gone unless I take my pain medication for my kidneys swelling but other than that I would say this pregnancy is the worse than my first one.
  • I definitely got the super full/I can't get any bigger feeling waaaaaaay earlier. I feel like that now at 28 weeks and I know it's only going to get much worse!

    Also, pure exhaustion with a toddler to run after!
  • Pure exhaustion on top of exhaustion. With a toddler it's so much harder to take care of yourself and rest when you need to.
    Time seems to go faster and it's not as 'special' in the way people treat you. No shower. No weekly pictures with a cute chalkboard :)
  • This is #3 and I have been by far the most uncomfortable this pregnancy in every way. I have horrible heartburn, back hurts, legs hurt, no bladder control, and feeling very heavy. I had all these symptoms with my last but they seem to be earlier and magnified.



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  • The exhaustion with this second pregnancy is unreal! I also feel like I'm as big as a barn and I am only 26 weeks along. My other difference would be that this baby is SO much more active than my first. I feel like she is gonna come out doing flips.

  • Yep to all! Heartburn, feeling heavy, lack of sleep due to insomnia (this is the worst), mood swings, feeling overwhelmed (& depression), nausea, gaining tons & tons of weight, etc etc. the list is endless. Been feeling very crap this pregnancy but having 3 children to run after cant be helping, especially running after our 16 month old (not easy). Still, only 12 more weeks to go!!!
  • I thought I'd add something positive since we've all pointed out the negative...
    It could just be certain circumstances, but for me I bonded with baby#2 earlier and more so than I did with baby#1 which came quite late. I think it's because I know now how much I love my first baby and how quickly they grow.
  • The Braxton hicks, the crazy swamp crotch, and jus overall super uncomfortable. I definitely remember being uncomfortable with my first but not until like 34 weeks, the next 12 weeks are going to suck big time!
  • Just like everyone else I'm super tired. My hips and lower back hurts alot. I also do feel very huge with this one and i find my self counting down the weeks alot sooner than i did with my first. I was very blessed with a toddler who wants to help mom do everything and for the most part does what i ask him. I noticed that with this one he moves 10x more than my first pregnancy. So more gabs kicks and knees. Sometimes it feels like he is trying to push his way out. But over all its been good and my toddler son is super excited to be getting a bubba.
  • Half the babies this time so it's much easier, though symptoms started earlier. I'm thrilled to be still exercising since I was so limited last pregnancy. It's also nice to not be constantly worried about preterm labor, though it's hard to shake that worry entirely.
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    I have an anterior placenta. Never had braxton hicks till right before labor this time they started at 16 weeks. I'm alot bigger(at 24 weeks I was the same size giving birth to my first). I was able to sleep through the night till in labor this time it's either bladder or baby that wakes me up every 2hrs. Holy backne:( my hormones are a mess. Oh and I have GD this time and dieting sucks ass I just wanna eat whatever!
  • It seems to be going way faster this time around but at the same time I wonder how I'm gonna last another 10 weeks! I am not tolerating it nearly as well. I'm bigger now than I was when I delivered my son so that sucks and I'm feeling it. My back kills me at night. I'm usually a rock solid sleeper and now I'm waking twice a night and can't get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. So I'm exhausted. And my toddler wants to be carried upstairs and it feels like he weighs a ton. I've also been very emotional lately.
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  • I feel you my toddler has also recently stopped wanting to walk down the stairs.
  • Diastasis Resti: Separation of abdominal muscles.  Ouch! 

    Midwife told me to avoid using my abdominal muscles whenever possible.  A little hard with a 2 year old at home.

  • I.am.exhausted. And I don't remember feeling this HUGE last time. And I have no energy to play with my 2 year old. Ugh.
    But I know I'll only be more exhausted come January!
  • Insomnia early on as well as nausea and stomach problems :/
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