Intro - I'm having twins!

I found out at my first OB appointment that we're expecting twins.  My due date is 5/4/16.

At first I was in complete shock and was scared to death about a twin pregnancy.  I've adjusted to the news now, but I'm still worried that something might happen.

I go back to the doctor next week, and hope that the ultrasound and talking with the doctor again will ease my mind.

Re: Intro - I'm having twins!

  • Congrats! I just found out yesterday that I'm having twins as well. Due 6/19 but wonder if they'll update that date considering twins typically come earlier.

    Are you having identical or fraternal twins? I'm having fraternal. My moms a twin so it runs in the family. I had a feeling it was twins this time. I already have a 2 year old. Not sure how she is going to take it.

    I'm really excited! But after the initial excitement, it all sank in that we need to re budget, especially daycare and bigger cars. Ugh! But totally worth it, so amazing to have twins!
  • Congratulations you two! I'm 30 weeks with fraternal twins and still going strong - if that helps. I, too, had a lot of fears about having a difficult pregnancy and possibly delivering early. Early labour is still a concern but there are no indications that it will happen. Talk to your midwife or OB about what to look out for, and some of the things you're at greater risk for.

    At 30 weeks I'm measuring 6 weeks ahead, I'm hungry a lot but can't eat a lot at once, my hips and tailbone get really sore if I walk around too much, and I developed PUPPPS - not the worst case (yet) but still highly annoying. Other than that my girls are healthy, big, and I assume happy! :)

    You might get tested a couple of times for gestational diabetes, and keep an eye on your blood pressure as preeclampsia is more common in twin pregnancies.

    I had to stop working at 28 weeks because my job is pretty physical but I'm on sick leave until maternity leave starts. Check with your employer what they can offer if you have to stop working early - and tell them ahead of time there's a good chance you won't be working up until your due date.

    Other than that, rest, enjoy yourself, and enjoy all the extra attention when you tell people you're pregnant with twins!
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  • Also, my OB says the longest she'll allow twins to stay in utero is roughly 38 weeks. If my girls aren't knocking on the door by then I'll be scheduled for an induction or c-section depending on their positions. I hear that's pretty standard - after 39 weeks they can run out of room really fast and it can be dangerous!
  • Welcome :):)

    38 weeks seems pretty standard but individual circumstances can vary.

    This is my second twin pregnancy, my first set came by emergency C-section suddenly at 35 weeks 5 days.

    I thought for sure I would make it to 38 weeks. 

    No other complications or issues.

    Wishing you both well!!
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    Flight to clinic 7/22
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    7/31:8dp5dt AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 2-3!!!! :):) 
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    Beta 2 8/03 = 1014!!!!!!!!!! at 11dp5dt FET
    8/05/2015 AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 3+!!!! :):) 
    First Ultrasound: 8/20!!!!!! TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Genetics says BOTH BOYS!!!!!!!!!
    Second Ultrasound: 9/03!!!!!!!!!!


  • Welcome! I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins and I couldn't be more excited! This is my first pregnancy and twins don't run in our family on either side so it was a shock to say the least! I have been concerned about all the extra risks you hear regarding twins pregnancies and these forums have been extremely helpful. I also make sure to ask a lot of questions at my OB appointments just to keep an open relationship with my OB and to help calm my nerves.  

    My doctor is of the same opinion that she will not allow me to go past the 38 week mark but as others have mentioned it will depend on your individual circumstances. 

    Congratulations to you both on your exciting news! 
  • Welcome and congratulations!

    36 weeks is considered "full term" w/ twins. If you make it to 38 weeks you'll probably be VERY ready to have them :)
    As for worrying, if it helps at all... I was just as worried something would happen with my singleton pregnancy as I was with the twins. I think it's just kind of part of being pregnant, and totally normal.
    Oddly, I felt a bit less concerned when I was pregnant with the twins, because they monitor you so much more closely. I had tons of ultrasounds, compared to the 2 I got with a singleton, and overall I just felt like I knew more about what was going on with them, and how they were doing. It was comforting to be watched so closely by the doctors. 
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