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Has anyone registered at Target?

I had some free time today while waiting for my LO to get out from school and decided to start a registery there. I thought I was going to leave with a little goodie bag but I didn't. I'm not even sure if they offer those discounts like Babies r us. I did love the fact you were able to register on your own, haha I was in & out of there.

Re: Has anyone registered at Target?

  • When I registered at Target for DD I received a "goodie bag" with coupons and samples in it. Im not registering anywhere for Baby #2 so im not sure if their policy changed but DD was born last Nov so it was only about a year ago that I got my little new baby goodie bag.  

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  • I got my goodie bag from them about 2 months ago. You have to go to customer service and let them know you're there to get your goodie bag for your baby registry. I had no problems registering online and picking it up in person when I had time.
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  • I have it was fun. The goodie bag is perfect! I always suggest moms I see at Babies R Us or other stores to go and register there.
  • I registered at babies r us and target: basically just target for the furniture, diapers, wipes and shelves. I didn't get a goody bag from target, only babies r us.
  • I registered online and picked up my goodie bag at customer service. This was just a couple of weeks ago. There was some pretty nice stuff in there. Just next time you are in the store go to customer service and tell them you made a baby registry but haven't gotten the goodie bag yet and they'll give you one.
  • I didn't get to finish but when I go back I'll ask for one. Thanks ladies!!
    And with my first I only registered at Babies r us. I'm doing a lot more research on items with this one. Didn't realize all the options and different prices.
  • I registered at Target, didn't get a goodie bag, and their system was down so all we could do was walk around and look at stuff. I then had to go online and manually add it all. I've been pretty annoyed with their registry actually. One day, all my stuff disappeared. (Luckily, it all magically reappeared.) Then, when my mom went to the store, the print out showed that almost everything was purchased when it actually wasn't. Grrrrr!
  • I registered there a couple months ago, and I got a goodie bag! It's got some good stuff in it. If you go to customer service and ask they should give you one no problem.
  • Never registered but I got this coupon in the mail that if I make a new baby registry with target I get a $20 gift card. I have to print out my registry list and show guest services the coupon.

    Needless to say I did now! All I need is clothes and diapers... And that's where I do the majority of my shopping ;)
  • I registered at target with my first child. They do give you a completion code to use closer to your due date (or at least they did 3 years ago). I was pretty annoyed though because I ended up getting multiples of things. For example, I registered for one baby bath tub and I ended up getting 3 of them. I guessing it just didn't update with what other people had purchased?
  • I registered at Target but had no idea about the goodie bag! I picked it up on my way home today and am thrilled with it! It contains: 1 nb pampers diaper, pack of wipes, and carrying case, 2 nb Honest Co diapers and wipes, Lansinoh nursing pads and milk storage bags, samples of aquaphor, J&J baby wash, babyganics detergent, dreft detergent, a new brand of prenatal viatmins (don't remember brand at the moment), 1 Avent 4oz bottle, a pacifier, seventh generation wipes and lots and lots of coupons! Even a free Starbucks drink :)   Not to mention the bag it all comes in!

    Thank you for this post, @Tangelyy!
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  • I've registered at Target for both of my kids, but it's really been more hassle than it's worth. I just wanted the goodie bag and the completion codes so that I can purchase a few things myself. Not at all a fan of their system or their customer service!
  • I think I'm going to do one just for the goodie bag and completion, and if I get any gifts from target that I want to return I know I can return them if I add them to the registry. Strategy! 
  • If I wasn't an honest person I might get another bag...I just mentioned to the lady that I created a baby registry and was told about some sort of bag I can pick up. She congratulated me on the baby and handed me a bag. No verification process. 
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  • I did get a bag and my SIL was just emailed a 15% off completion discount because she is due in November. I have had issues with the system though. Everything disappeared for a day and then came back. Even though I only requested 1 of some things it still let's people buy multiples which I find odd. My plan is to just return the multiples for credit and get what we need.
  • I would definitely make one, if only for the goodie bag. I made one a while back online and decided I didn't want to use it, so I deleted it. Then they mailed me a coupon for $20 gift card if I made another, so I did and will definitely use the gift card towards a registry purchase!
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