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A lot of questions I need some advice on

Hi ladies, i went through a lot of the older boards so I could research some of the information on my own, but i still have some questions I want to get advice on.

Officially I am 7 weeks pregnant and just had our first ultrasound yesterday and got to see our little jelly bean.  We are so very excited.  I have a basic registry set up with a few items in it but want to do most of the registering in person so I can test out all the products.  Where did first time moms find the best place to register for?  I am at Babys R Us and thinking about either walmart or target but am not seeing any specific benefits to either.  I wish there were more specialty stores located near us.

Where is the best place to shop for maternity clothing?  I dont need it yet, but i like to do my research and suggestions are helpful. 

My MIL has gone insane!!  We told her we were pregnant and she has so far shown up at my house with paint swatches, furniture catalogs and made tons of parenting suggestions and we're not even close to being ready to plan for this.  She even came up with a schedule of when she can come by and see the kids and INFORMED us she will stay with us in the beginning to help with the baby....i told her we did not need anyone to stay with us and we will be prepared when the baby comes but she keeps insisting.  Neither my husband and I can seem to shut her down...what can I do to get her to calm down??? (this is not her first grandchild)
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Re: A lot of questions I need some advice on

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    I didn't bother registering until I was much further along - I didn't want to worry about products becoming unavailable. Babies r us, target, Walmart, but buy baby - they are all going to have most of what you need. I picked stores based on where I knew most of my friends and family are comfortable shopping at - babies r us and target.

    No advice on crazy MIL

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    I haven't shopped or registered. And I didn't tell my MIL until 15 weeks :)

    I just got some nice stuff from Old Navy that was reasonably priced. For early on, before you can wear the full-belly pants, I suggest their side-panel maternity pants.
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    I recommend registering at ALL of the places and only sharing a few of them when it comes baby shower time. Completion coupons are your friends. I personally shared my Target, BRU, and Amazon registries. But I also registered at BBB for the free goodie bag/coupon.

    I love Target's maternity section. I also had some good finds at Ross and browsing the clearance section of places like Motherhood.

    MIL - whatever you do, make sure you and your SO are in the same page. United fronts are what work for inlaws. I would personally just tell your SO that with a newborn you won't be up to playing hostess if you think she won't be a help. If she will help, come up with jobs for her. Just remember to go ahead and get in the habit of setting boundaries now. It's better to deal with this head on then still dealing with this in a few years.
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    Check gap and Zulilly for maternity clothes

    As for MIL, you need to SHUT IT DOWN before she wants to be in the delivery room with you. My MIL is also a bit overbearing (told me if we had twins she would "take one", already knows when she wants to stay with us, and already starting to planning a Disney vacation for when the kid is 5). I laugh it all off now, but if she really oversteps a boundary, I will tell her I understand she is excited but this is OUR baby and we will figure out what color to paint the nursey.

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    I registered exclusively at Amazon. If I was curious about certain products, I could test them out at a nearby target, but I enjoyed being able to read reviews and customer answered questions. I bought maternity clothes from Macy's- well, I bought a pair of maternity jeans and pantyhose. I decided to just invest in a few tummy sleeves so I continued wearing all of my regular clothes throughout my pregnancy.

    As for your MIL- That's so tough, but maybe you can just ignore her until you're actually closer to delivering. It's hard to bite your tongue with the slew of unwanted advice, but you'll thank yourself in the end. As for her staying, again, as the date gets closer let her know that you'd love to have her over and you'll let her know when you need help. You and your husband need to have time to bond with your baby- alone.
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    Registering: babylist is great if you want it all in one place but Target has great stuff if you want to see things in person (if you don't have Babies R Us). Keep in mind that a lot of items can be out of stock or discontinued by the end of your pregnancy, which is when a lot of people will be wanting to buy things for baby. We will register after 20 weeks because of this (my SIL did it at around 20wk as well and still there were a lot of discontinued items when we went to shop! It's the worst).

    Maternity clothes: I found great and beautiful items at Target and have also shopped at Ross. H&M has beautiful things as well but not always a lot of variety.

    MIL: UGHHH, I have one of those, except it's my mom. She's already told me this will be her FIRST grandchild and she's so over the moon and the worst thing is that she already has 3 other grandkids (that I'm suuuper close to) from my brother but that's just how it is with her. I am doing my best to keep her at bay as she already wants to visit next month. We will definitely have to set limits. Make sure your SO has your back as he will inevitably end up being the one that will have to deal with her more. If her behavior affects you in any way, you are well within your right to distance yourself and tell your SO you just cannot accept that. If she is just trying to help (and is not the type of person to throw countless passive agressive jabs while doing so), talk it over with your SO and see if it might be beneficial. With a new baby, it might be nice to have someone there doing the laundry and some cleaning if that's what she wants to do.
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    Registry: I love Amazon. If you are wanting to try things out then go to Babies R Us or Target or wherever to have more of a hands on approach to the stuff you want. I have an Amazon Price Match app on my phone where you scan the bar code and it will tell you if they sell it cheaper (and I believe they price match anyways). It was super simple for us to have Amazon bc we live out in the country and most of our friends are in another state or hours away so it was easy for them to just ship us what was on our registry. More times than not Amazon has been cheaper for the things we want. We also registered at Target for the ones that aren't very tech savvy. Also, Amazon Mom is pretty neat too to sign up for to get coupons and discounts on baby needs.

    Maternity clothes: Zulily is a favorite of mine and you don't pay an arm and a leg, Target has a maternity line, Motherhood Maternity has goof BOGO sales (but can get pretty pricey), and last but not least... Goodwill. If you have time to snoop around and really look at stuff Goodwill sometimes has some good finds. OH! Also, I just found some simple long sleeved shirts and yoga pants that are maternity from Walmart.

    MIL: Me personally, I would put DH to task of getting her under control. She seems like she may need a hard hand and it's his mom so....

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    Regarding your registry- you should check out the website Lucie's List and also sign up for the emails. They get sent out periodically according to your due date and suggest things you should be focusing on- both with regard to items you need and health topics. I found them very informative.

    I did a lot of maternity clothes shopping online, when I went to stores I never seemed to have much luck in person. There's such a wider variety of clothing online. I bought a lot of nursing tank tops and wore them with my existing cardigans and button down shirts, they have ruching on the sides to accommodate a growing belly.

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    I personally like to shop for gifts at Buy Buy Baby (god, what an awful name) because it's really easy to get 20% off coupons. We'll probably do that and amazon. 
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    As for registry most people do babies r us and target. I think that's what DH and I will do. We don't plan on registering until we know what baby is though, because we want gender specific stuff.

    As for maternity clothes.. do you have a Burlington Coat Factory or a Marshalls near you? How about a TJ Maxx? I plan to do all my maternity shopping at places like that and a clearance section at Motherhood. I don't want to buy full price stuff, unless it's cheap, because I won't be in it that long! Also, check out Zulily. They have some super cute stuff!! I just ordered two shirts from them the other day, mainly for the holidays. I'm only 10w4d so I'm not in maternity clothes yet. OH, and belly bands. If you get one or two of those you can fit into your pants longer, because you can wear them unbuttoned. :)

    Sorry about the MIL situation. I have no suggestions. My MIL is awesome and I know once we tell her, she won't be like that. We plan to tell our families on Thanksgiving, so no one knows yet!

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    Have your husband talk to his mom. It will be easier coming from him. Be direct, be honest and blunt.
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