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Rhogam Side Effects

Ladies, I've searched the board for Rhogam and only found a few discussions on getting the actual shot. I received my TDaP and Rhogam shot yesterday morning (along with doing my glucose testing...long morning of getting stuck with needles...). For those of you who have received Rhogam before, did you have any side effects? Back aches? Extreme hip pain? Chills? I'm having those side effects, and I have called my doctor, I'm just waiting on a call back. But I wanted to shoot this out to you all while I wait to see if anyone has experienced this before, and has any insight into what's going on and for possibly how long these side effects stick around. Any advice would help. FTM here. Thank you!

Re: Rhogam Side Effects

  • I got my shot two weeks ago--- I didn't have any side effects. I don't get Tdap for another two weeks.....maybe the side effects are from that one?
  • @raeandrylove there is another post from today about the whooping cough (ie Tdap)--- looks like others are having similar side effects to you.
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  • @ChrissyD1203. Possibly. The reason I was thinking Rhogam was from where it was a hip injection. Thanks!
  • @raeandrylove oh I see! I don't know, mine was in my arm.
  • I had hip pain for about a day with the rhogam shot, but only on the side they did the shot. Haven't done the tdap yet, but those sound like a reaction to that shot
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  • I've had many rhogam shots and I think the only pain you feel is based on provider giving it. I never had an issue until this last one. It's my understanding you can get it in the buttocks or arm. I have always chosen buttocks for more cushion. This last nurse gave it closer to my hip this time and I have had aching there for a day or two, whereas I never had any symptoms whatsoever before. Also, the TDap is typical to give a ton of side effects.
  • @CBWifey thank you for the input. My shot was pretty high on my hip and it didn't feel pleasant at all when she stuck me. I can normally take a shot easily but this one made me jump. Hopefully the aches will lessen tomorrow. I think from where I got both within a minute of each other that just really bothered me. Thank you!
  • I got mine the same time as the TDap.  I had a sore arm from the TDap, but no other side effects.  They told me my hip would be sore for a few days, and to be careful when I slept on it, but it wasn't bad at all for me.
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  • @raeandrylove I got my rhogam yesterday too, pretty high on my hip and it made me jump too! I had a bad backache last night but I have them pretty frquently. I've been nauseous and fatigued, which I was told is a side effect (nothing that warrants a doc unless it resembles an allergic reaction). I got that, my glucose test and CBC done yesterday; will get my flu shot and TDAP at next appointment.
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    I had it in one arm and the TDAP in the other. It hurt a little going in but that was it. The TDAP kind of burned and ached for a few hours but I kept moving it (the arm) and by nighttime I was fine. No other symptoms at all. 
  • I never had any symptoms with the RhoGam. But when I got the flu shot I felt like I got the flu the next morning.

    They put the RhoGam shot in everyone's hip it seems? They put mine in my right buttcheek LOL.
  • @stlmomof2 haha yeah that's where I prefer it, in the buttcheek cuz I don't feel it. I'll have to specify with more clarity next time, which is only 10 weeks away after baby is born
  • I had extreme hip pain this time with the rhogam shot. Didn't much pain last time at all. It was so bad I was thinking I had SPD, but it cleared up completely in about 3 days. I really didn't think it could be the shot, but between the pain and being really fatigued I can't think it could be anything else.
  • I had rhogam two weeks ago and barely felt a thing! No side effects. I did my upper arm.

    (based on EDD January 9, 2016)
  • I feel extremely grossed out. I read the pamphlet that's included. It's made from human plasma, tested and strained, that's right strained (like through a sieve with holes only 8 or 12 microns wide) to prevent transmission of hep a through c, hiv, and basically "other viruses."


    I know it's probably as close to sterile as human plasma can get but it still just feels, "germy."
  • I have had lots of RhoGam shots without side effects. I would think it may be TDAP?
  • I've had multiple and never had any side effects
  • I just got my Rhogam shot yesterday and I've not experienced any side effects. It was on my buttock and it was the only shot I received.
  • @usernametaken1 yikes! That ruined my night!! Is it tested for those things too?
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    I donate all the time and they test it like crazy, I have no issues receiving blood products, you never know when they could save your life!
  • What was everyone's experience with insurance for this? Was it covered?

    I have pretty good insurance but they said it would likely not cover it and I can try to submit to be reimbursed. It was $140 so I am definitely going to.  

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  • @happyandhopeful3 really? I'm surprised to hear that. I don't know much but I thought this was medical necessity. I thought if my blood with the negative antibodies mixes with babies blood my antibodies attack her positive rh things. Obviously I am not in the medical field but from my layman's understanding I thought getting this shot was really important so I'm surprised insurance would fight it
  • Right? I agree. I submitted a reimbursement so hopefully they don't.

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  • Right? I agree. I submitted a reimbursement so hopefully they don't.

    So crazy. I'm sure you'll be reimbursed but what a hassle.
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