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Mommy Working Nights :(

Any other mommies out there work nights and feel like they hardly get anytime with their little one? It just kills me that our daycare lady gets to spend more time with my little man than I do :(

Re: Mommy Working Nights :(

  • I don't work nights but also feel the same way. By the time I get home from work, I have an hour with my lo before she gets fussy and ready for bed. It kills me. Today it hit me really hard, I've been crying on and off all day about it. I feel like I can't control my emotions! I just want to be with my baby. Looks like she's sleeping in with me tonight :)
  • I go back to work on Wednesday and I'm a night shift RN. I actually feel like I will have more time with him than if I worked 9-5 5 days a week. My biggest concern is sleep deprivation and how I will handle that. I'm going to miss the Lil guy too :'(
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  • I don't work nights but I feel the same way. I work 10 hours a day and with the commute I'm away from LO 11 hours a day. She's not awake before I leave in the morning and when I get home I only have a couple hours with her before she goes to sleep. It's so hard, but I just keep reminding myself I'm doing what I need to for my family right now. I've always dreamed if being a stay at home mom, but it just won't work for us right now.
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