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I know there were some older threads on this, but I like new information when it's relevant.

What are the most beneficial items you put on your registry for cloth diapering purposes?

Also what are some polite ways to says skip the disposable diapers for presents?

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    I'm a FTM and my shower isn't until November 21, so I haven't had any purchases yet...but mostly put stuff that I really want but probably wouldn't buy myself. Also, stuff where people can still kind of pick out what they want (pattern wise) so that they're more encouraged to think it's a fun purchase haha. I put a bunch of the Blueberry NB AIOs, BumGenius Elementals, Flip and Thirsties covers, a diaper sprayer, wet bags, and diaper pail liners. Aside from the sprayer, the buyer can pick out a cute pattern for everything. I also tried to put some items people can get locally without having to shop online -- like the Thirsties hemp inserts found at Target, GroVia liners at BRU, etc. I figure still giving people some choice and easy access will encourage them to buy those things. I'm not sure there's any polite way to tell people to skip disposables -- but when they see all the cloth on your registry, hopefully they'll get the hint. Have your host include a note in the shower invite (if they haven't already been sent) that you're really excited to do cloth for reasons x y and z and any gifts or accessories related to that would be especially helpful to you/the planet/whatever. Otherwise, perhaps have your host spread by word of mouth that you're doing cloth. But even if you do get disposables and there's a receipt, just return them and put the money towards cloth. I wouldn't get too hung up on dictating the gifts just because it can come off pushy/ungrateful. Nobody has to know you made a return! :)
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  • I only got newborn diapers at my shower, and used them until the cord fell off. I wouldn't worry too much for same reasons PP posted! My guests bought wetbags, probably because of cute prints! Cloth wipes, wipe warmer, etc can be nice for those who want to buy theme gifts.
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  • Same as PP for me! I registered for tons of OS AIO diapers in various patterns and quantities (singles, pairs and 6 packs for a variety in prices) on both Amazon and Target. Cloth diapers dominated my registry, so it was clear that's what we were doing! I also expressed my interest and excitement to anyone who would listen. I was surprised at how many we ended up with (about 26). To get it started, I bought a few from my registry myself so that they showed purchased.

    We also registered for liners, diaper sprayer, spray pal, detergent, etc. Once people got into the swing of things, some people really got into it and got us wet bags and we even ended up with a second diaper sprayer and spray pal from someone who didn't realize we had registered for it already.

  • When I was pregnant with #1 almost no one got me CDs from my registry. Maybe they wanted to get showier things like bouncers or maybe they thought I was unlikely to stick with it, I don't know! My mom's generation doesn't get it because they thought paper diapers were like the greatest most liberating thing, and my friends all gave me either clothes or things related to feeding. Someone did get me a diaper pail liner. I didn't mind though, just used my completion discounts to get the CDs that I wanted.
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  • You can also donate any disposables you receive to a local family shelter. That's the kind of thing they often need.
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  • MynaBird said:

    You can also donate any disposables you receive to a local family shelter. That's the kind of thing they often need.

    I plan on donating some disposables I got at my shower! Nobody got me any cloth diaper stuff, but most everything else I got was stuff I needed so I still felt very blessed by all my guests :)
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  • No experience but I think getting it rolling by purchasing some would help like pp!
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