December 2014 Moms

First bad cold

LO just caught his first bad cold. He was sick before but nothing like this: fever, runny and stuffy nose, red, sore throat, irritable because of it and teething, and let's not forget the poop >_>

But I'm having a hard time getting him to sleep. I follow our routine and actually do more sitting and cuddling and singing since he's ill. But he will not go down. I tried for two hours to get him down for the afternoon and he wouldn't do it. I walked, bounced, sang, left him, kept things dark and quiet...he just wouldn't settle.

I'm worried about him not sleeping because of the cold he has but if he goes down now (it's 4:20pm where I live) he won't go down till way late tonight and will have his schedule all messed up. And if he doesn't sleep at all this afternoon, he will go down too early for bed and I'll have an overtired, sick baby on my hands.

Is this normal for LOs at this stage to do this sleeping thing? Ftm not knowing is hard.

I'm just frustrated and at a loss on what to be doing for him ._.
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