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Too many rules

DS is 6 weeks old now and long story short won't take the boob anymore which means I'm pumping and giving bottles. He seems to want more after 3 oz which is all I make. I'm supplementing with formula and I know you're not supposed to mix but he gets so fussy when I stop to make the formula. Any suggestions?

Re: Too many rules

  • You can definitely mix formula with breastmilk.

    You can also make up a bottle or two in advance. As long as the formula stays in the fridge, it's good for 24 hours.

  • I've mixed them. Are you pace feeding? 3 oz is what my 16 week old takes at a feeding. It seems like it should be sufficient. And a breastfed baby shouldn't need more than 4-5 ounces ever since the milk changes to suit their needs. I'm sure you know this just trying to help you out.
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  • I mix them since I don't make enough for each feeding either. They did it in the NICU with my baby so I assume it's ok.
  • I have been pumping about 3oz so I just mix 2 Oz formula then pour the milk in for a 5oz bottle. As long as the powder is mixed with the correct amount of water 1st you can add breastmilk.
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