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bf during day ff at night

anyone do this? If so, when did you start? any info would be helpful
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Re: bf during day ff at night

  • I began supplementing at 6 weeks just to make life easier and to make sure LO was okay with formula before I go back to work. I'm happy with nursing for a while in the evening then topping off with formula at bedtime and motn feeding. Just know that your supply will drop and periods and fertility will come back. I only pump about 3oz a few times a day and add my milk to a little formula and we nurse when we feel like it. Personally I feel it's the best of both worlds.
  • I did the opposite as recommended by my lactation consultant. I supplemented during the day starting around 2-3 weeks. I nursed at home (or at night) and the morning before going to work/daycare. 
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  • I'm doing it almost from the start (day 3).

    I breastfeeding mostly during daytime and then we FF during evening and night. So far at week 6 it works very well.
  • YOu dont pump at night pr BF at night then? How do you relieve any engorgement?

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    I never had a real a problem with engorgement actually. I own only a manual pump and I never managed to get anything out of it :/

    Actually this evening LO was really fussy and tried to sooth him with bf. It worked well so I'm surprised with my supply. I really don't know how it works. Plus, I have small breasts, I don't know if and how it affects it.
  • I exclusively pump and give expressed breast milk during the day and formula at night. I figured to do the formula at night in hopes that my LO would sleep longer since it takes longer to digest...

    Out of the 26-30oz of milk she consumes, baby gets 12-15 oz BM and the rest formula :)
  • Oh and we started doing this at one month old :)
  • I have a question about this, I've been exclusively bf since birth. Baby is 4 months old. He takes a bottle of expressed milk a few times a week when I'm away from him to run an errand or at church. I have been wanting to give a formula bottle in the evening to see if I can get baby to sleep a longer stretch than 2 hours. I have four boys and am really exhausted. I know a few people that successfully do this. Only thing is I have tried twice with similacs supplement formula. Baby absolutely refuses it he screams like crazy. And I offer it from the same bottle he is used to. Anyone have any tips? I'm ok with nursing for now but am really hoping to transition to formula by six months. 
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