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Hey everyone.
I am 25 and so is my DH. We got married May 2014 but we dated 7 years before ever tying the knot. We have been TTC for a year and haft now.
We kinda had idea we were going to have a little trouble because I don't have normal cycles at all. So knowing this I went to OBGYN and did all the testing but everything came back fine. My DH also got checked and all his stuff came back fine. What  is going on now the OBGYN has me on Provera trying to help me have a cycle. She told me she was wanting to take things slow since i was so young. But starting January we are moving on to the next step. I tried to sum everything up in a nut shell.

I've looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better. I will love any helpful advice.

Re: Newbie!

  • Welcome and good luck.  With you guys TTC for over a year you should talk to a RE
  • Welcome and good luck!

    Me: 30 DH: 33

    Married: February 15, 2013

    TCC: October 2013

    MFI- low count/morphology

    May / June 2016- Monitored cycle and TI- BFN

    June / July 2016- Gonal-F + IUI #1- BFN

    August 2016- Gonal-F + IUI #2-

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  • Welcome! I second the advice to see an RE. With irregular cycles, it's likely pretty rare everything is "normal". I guess, though, this may depend on your definition of "normal." Regardless, if you need provera to induce a period, you most likely have an ovulatory dysfunction that an RE is more suited to treat for TTC purposes.
    Married to DH 10/6/12
    TTC since 5/14
    Unexplained with (controlled) hypothyroidism and suspected ovulatory dysfunction (but, I do ovulate on my own)
    Clomid 50 mg 3/15 (unmonitored) - BFN
    Clomid 50 mg + metformin 4/15 (unmonitored) - BFN 
    First RE appt. 5/15; Natural cycle 5/15 monitored with 2 mature follicles and Pregnyl Trigger (full dose) + prometrium - BFN
    6/15 HSG - clear tubes & normal uterus; great PCT test results
    TI - 100 mg Clomid + prometrium (AM & PM) + vaginal estrace (AM & PM) 6-7/15 (monitored) --> no additional response and thinned lining - BFN
    TI - Injectables (follistim + Gonal-F, Ganirelix, & 1/2 dose Pregnyl) + prometrium (AM & PM) 9/15 --> 3-7 mature follicles (3 definites and 4+ that could have matured due to trigger) @ O -->BFN + 5 large cysts
    BC for 2 weeks due to cysts
    TI - Injectables (Gonal-F, Ganirelix & full dose Pregnyl) + prometrium (AM & PM) 10/15 --> 1 mature follicle --> BFN 
    TI - Last attempt at injectables (Gonal-F, Ganirelix & 1/2 dose Pregnyl) + crinone (AM only) + vaginal estrace (AM & PM) 11/15 --> 3-4 mature follicles --> BFP!! 11/27/15 @ 13dpo (shockingly, actually waited until then to test)

    Beta #1 @ 16dpo (11/30/15) = 1,075
    Beta #2 @ 19dpo (12/3/15) = 3,150
    One baby: Saw heartbeat @ 5w5d (114 bpm; baby measuring 2.3mm)

    "Great Things are Happening"
  • I really hate when people, especially doctors, ask "what's the rush?"  (while other people are simultaneously asking when you will make a baby) 25 is a very normal and respectable age to be ready to have children, especially if you have been with your DH for a while.  When you are ready for a child, every day without one is torture, no matter how old you are, plus its 9 months until you get one once you do get pregnant!  Its not like you are 17 and trying to get knocked up. 

    Welcome to the group!

  • I agree with the recommendations to see an RE. They run tests that regular OBGYNs don't. Welcome and best wishes on your TTC journey!
    ***BFP & Child Warning***

    Me: 34, DH: 38 ~ TTC since 2014
    IUI #1-3 (Nov 2015, Feb 2016, May 2016) = BFNs
    IVF ER (July 2016) = 7 PGS normal embryos
    FET #1 (Sept 2016) = BFP! DD born 5/30/17
    FET #2 (April 2019) = BFN
    FET #3 (July 2019) = BFP! DS born 3/27/20
  • Welcome, good luck and baby dust to you. I am also 25 and in this journey, I would absolutely NOT accept the no rush thing!
  • Thanks to for everyone helpful advice I did get in touch with a RE and I have a appointment set up. Its not till January but I work in retail so its a busy time right now. But I'm very hopeful and ready to get some answers. But thank y'all again the idea never crossed my mind to get in touch with RE until y'all brought it up. 
  • Hi, I was just telling my husband that even though we are 27 now, we could be 30 by time the first is actually born when you factor in the entire process. If you are uncomfortable with your doctor's less aggressive strategy go for a second opinion! Good luck in jan!
  • Hi there! I'm in the same boat as you. TTC for over a year with abnormal cycles and my OBGYN started me on Provera as well. Good luck!
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