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CRL length and dating issues

By my dates I'm 7w 6days pregnant but I had a scan yesterday. A gestational sac, yolk sac and fetal heart activity were all present. However the CRL was 1.8mm so I'm totally freaking out here.
I had twins last year via IVF so this is my first ever natural conception and I'm terrified I'll lose it.
This time last pregnancy my twins were 11.8mm and 8.3mm so a lot bigger.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: CRL length and dating issues

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    Are u sure it says 1.8mm... not 1.8cm? Cuz 1.8cm is exactly where it should be..
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    No definitely 1.8mm. I tried to upload picture. Report just says Early inuterine pregnancy and come back in 3 weeks to date.
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    You may have ovulated late and you could be closer to 5 weeks!

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    I'm an ultrasound tech, 1.8 mm is nothing to worry about. Lots of women aren't nearly as far along as they think they are just from the first day of their last period. What was the heart rate?
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