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Weekly check-in 10/28

This check in is for anyone on this board to participate in and will occur every Wednesday. If you are new here and haven't made a separate intro on the main board please do so before checking in so we can "meet" you! It's easy to do just click the new discussion button in the top right and post away. 

1. Your Name or Screen Name (not full names) and State you are from. 

2. How long have you been TTC? Are you TTC #1,#2,#3, etc.? 

3. What are you doing this cycle? Are you seeking help with a fertility specialist (RE)? If so, what stage are you in? Charting/temping? Testing? Medicated cycles? IUI? IVF? DE? 

4. Where are you in your cycle? (Waiting to O, 2WW etc) If in the 2ww when will you test? 

5. How do you feel about this cycle? (Are you hopeful, anxious... etc) 

QOTW: Trick or treat? (with examples!)
Me (42) w/ partner for 16+ years
TTC #1: 11/2012 - 9/2013; 6/2014 - present
Follistim + TI (3x): All BFNs
Follistim + IUI (1x): BFN 
IVF #1: 17 retrieved,15 fertilized, Day 3: 15, Day 5/6: 3 biopsied
Result; 1 frozen blast (inconclusive PGS results)
IVF #2; ER: 6/22 16 retrieved, 6/25: 5 transferred (CP), 2 frozen
FET 9/17: BFN
Current FET -- Transferred 2 day-3 embryos - BFN

Re: Weekly check-in 10/28

  • 1. Rita from Santa Cruz CA

    2. TTC # 2 for just over a year 

    3. This cycle Ill be testing with Wondfo OPKs and using Progesterone and baby aspirin once I can confirm ovulation. The Progesterone and baby aspirin are new. The OPKs were always pretty good for me in the since that I managed to get pregnant several times over the last year, just none of them stuck. So hopefully the progesterone is the trick I need to get a sticky baby this time around. 

    4. Currently on CD4

    5. Im feeling hopeful since we are trying something new this time. A little nervous since they had to do a lot of scraping in my D&C procedure, so the thought of too much scar tissue has me concerned but I guess Ill cross that bridge when I come to it and hope its not the case.

    QOTW: Treat for sure, I love chocolate and all kinds of candy :-) Not so big on tricks ha ha
  • Amanda from South Carolina

    TTC #1 for 2 1/2 years

    Had my 3rd IUI with femara and trigger shot on Oct 21st

    Halfway through my 2WW will do HPT 11/4

    Nervous since this is the last IUI

    Treat.  Really loving the caramel apple twizzlers
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  • 1. PattersRN, Oregon
    2. TTC #1, 3rd cycle
    3. Charting/temping, Pregnitude. This cycle starting pre-seed
    4. CD 3....I hate AF with a passion. My back is killing me today.
    5. Hopeful, as always.
    QOTW: I'll have to say trick because I hate sweets and I associate the word "treat" with candy. (Yes, I'm weird)
    Married: 7/9/15
    Me: 37, DH: 36
    Started TTC #1: 9/2015
    Preliminary labs/testing @ 6 months: TSH, A1c, progesterone, prolactin, SA, HSG all normal
    BFP: 5/19/2016, M/C: 5/29/2016
    BFP: 6/22/2016  EDD 3//6/2017

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  • Slgill from Kansas
    This will be our second month of consistently TTC #2
    I will be using a OTC ovulation kit this time around
    CD 1
    Anxious, nervous
    Treat - I love sweets especially the suckers and/or gummies... Lol!
  • @PattersRN, we are on the same hateful AF cycle.  CD3!  YUCK
    TTC#2 since 4/2014
    Debating whether to do Femara or not.  I have 3 month supply from OB from my annual. 
    Still bummed about last cycle.  I did everything right.  It just kills me when we get the timing right and nothing happens.  It is possible I didn't ovulate at all. 
    I will temp!  I will temp! I will temp!

    TREAT of course!  I love all things chocolate but despise candy corn
    **child mentioned**
    Me(38)PCOS/Hypothyroid   DH(43)Low T/ED
    MMC at 10 weeks 03/2011 DD born 01/2012   TTC #2 since 04/2014
    BFP 8/26/2016

  • 1- Jennifer from NY
    2- ttc#2 off and on for a year but steady the past few months.
    3- OPK, charting, taking prenata, WW to lose weight
    4-CD19 and going crazy. I'm already doing a wondflo test every morning since yesterday and I have a 2 pack of EPT for this weekend.
    5- this is our last year to TTC So I'm trying not to stress but I feel hopeful.

    QOTW- treats all the way. Although I've been annoyed I can't find my favorite Carmel apple candy corn. Although my fat butt doesn't really need it.

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  • Whiggrrl65 from the East Coast

    TTC#1 since August 2014

    Letrozole after we decided not to spend the money on Gonal F.

    CD 15. I go back to RE on Monday. If I haven't ovulated, I will trigger and go in for IUI on Tuesday. We are going away this weekend and will do TI in case I ovulate.

    I'm trying to be optimistic but right now I'm kind of done. I'm ready for a break. Have done medicated cycles straight since May and have put on weight and just need a mental break at this point.

    Treat! Kit kats!! Yum
      • TTC #1 since August 2014
      • currently on 5th medicated IUI cycle
  • 1. Jill from NC

    2. TTC #1, not preventing since 11/12, actively trying since 8/14 (two losses in 2014)

    3. OPKs, temping, prenatals, evening primrose oil, CoQ10, probiotics, Vit D, fish oil, Myo-inositol, D-Chiro-Inositol, cayenne, flaxseed oil, Vitex & licorice (CD3-9). Cabergoline to bring down my prolactin levels. Also some nasty herbal concoction twice a day from the acupuncturist. Still going strong with the no carb/no sweets diet (apart from the occasional cheating here and there).

    4. CD 33. It's definitely an anovulatory cycle.

    5. I'm just waiting for this cycle to be over. I'm taking provera and will stop on Sunday so should get AF sometime next week. I'm ready to get started with the medicated cycle - going to do letrozole CD3-7 and then trigger shot (once they tell me to do it based on ultrasounds). And then TI with preseed. I got everything all ready...just waiting for AF to show up. I'm turning 36 on Monday so am feeling bummed about that (especially since I was pregnant this time last year but it ended in m/c). However, I am feeling strangely optimistic about the medicated cycle. I have no idea how my body will respond to the meds. Will just have to wait and see...

    I can't eat sugar so can't partake in all the candy-binging that happens this time of year. I'll be dressing up and having fun but not sure if I have any "tricks" up my sleeve.

    Good luck everyone! We really need some more BFPs around here soon!!!
    ME: 36 (PCOS), DH: excellent SA
    NTNP since 11/12, actively trying since 8/14
    m/c @ 7w (4/22/14), m/c @ 6w (11/19/14)
    11/15: Letrozole, Ovidrel, TI = BFP!!!
    Beta #1(14dpo)=349, Beta #2(18dpo)=2,805
    12/17/15: Got to see the heartbeat (105bpm)!
    1/25/16: NT scan = normal (HB=163bpm)
    EDD: 8/10/16 
    8/8/16: Baby boy born @ 12:25am, 8lbs, 20.5 inches
    5/18/17: BFP!!! (11dpo)
    Beta #1(12dpo)=176.4, Beta #2(15dpo)=607.1
  • Kathleen in GA

    TTC #1, for 7 cycles now

    Medicated IUIs with acupuncture and TCM herbs


    Hopeful as ever, though I had only one follicle, and feel less than 100% confident about the timing.  If it doesn't work this time, we start getting ready for IVF in Dec/Jan.

    Treat!  Kitkat and twix are my favs, followed by Reeses cups (big ones) and junior mints.  I also like candy corn.  Of course, I'm trying to keep my sugar intake low.
    Me- 39 (turning 40 in April), TTC for the first time ever (since Jan 2015), low ovarian reserve
    Married 3/14/14 to my wonderful wife, but her sperm count is rather low
    TTC with frozen donor sperm and science

    7 IUIs, 7 BFNs.
    2 IVF attempts, both cancelled and converted to IUI, both BFNs.
    Decided that my tired old ovaries are ready to retire.
    Next step- reciprocal IVF, using my wife's eggs, my uterus!  
    fresh 5 day transfer (2 embryos) 4/17/17- BFP! 
    Identical twins "due" 1/2/17 (but anticipated arrival sometime December)

  • Heather in MN

    TTC #2 for 17 months

    Will be starting BCP next week for IVF#1.  Still doing all the supplements - CoQ10, PNV, Myo-inositol, Vit D, B-complex, Fish oil, probiotics; gluten free, no caffeine, alcohol, or pop.  I'm going to start a 10 day Green Smoothie Cleanse tomorrow.  I really need to get these last few pounds off, so I'm going extreme now.  It was "smoothing" or juicing, and the smoothies are cheaper for me because I already have a Vitamix, but no juicer.  Also started doing a Mixed Martial Arts video with my hubby that I love.  

    Some CD.  AF should show Sunday or Monday.

    I'm feeling worried I won't lose the weight and excited and nervous to start IVF.  

    TREATS!  My downfall.  I won't be indulging this year - not on the smoothie diet! - but I love Snickers, Butterfinger, and Reese's PB cups.  
    *** Child & current pregnancy mentioned ***
    Me - 41 (PCOS), Hubby - 43 (healthy)
    7/2013 - Sweet baby girl born (Clomid + TI)
    3/2014 - TTC #2, return to RE 7/2014
    12/2015: IVF #1 transferred two great looking embryos - BFP!
    First ultrasound: TWO beautiful little heartbeats!!
    Harmony: negative; level 2: babies look great and are boy/girl! :) 
  • Mamafesto from New England

    TTC #2 since 2/15, cycle #4 post-MC

    supplements, chinese herbs, acupuncture, maya abdominal massage, and just added probiotics due to chronic gastrointestinal issues -already seeing improvement a few days in


    Feeling resigned to this being a long process and trying to come to a place of acceptance. I have to remember that this is ONLY cycle 4 since my MC and with my LO it took 24 months to get a BFP and then 4 months with my most recent BFP. So the average is over a year. I am focusing on getting myself healthy and emotionally stable so I can focus on all of the wonderful things I already have in my life.

    Treat - although I've cut way down on my sugar intake so I'll probably take it easy this year

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