1st Trimester


I'm 7 and half weeks pregnant and since yesterday I'm having a light brown discharge when I wipe it with a tissue.

I'm so scared as last time I had a miscarriage.

Has anyone experienced the same?

Please help!


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    Brown blood usually means it's old blood. But no one here can really tell you what is happening with your body. If you are concerned, I think you should call your doctor. GL
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    I spotted around 7 weeks as well and it turned out to be nothing, but we have different bodies and different pregnancy, so I can't tell you it's the same.  If the bleeding persists or turns bright red I would make a call to your doctor.

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    I spotted around 7 weeks and was told it was nothing but it turned out to be ectopic.

    I don't say this to scare you, but I would insist on being seen by a doctor if you are concerned.
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