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Stopping milk production tips

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My LO is five months now and although I would love to continue BF she has preferred the bottle since around 2 months. She normally only takes to the breast in the morning. So I have been pumping about 4 times a day since which is so time consuming and inconvenient. She also has a milk protein allergy and cutting dairy out my diet for the last 6 weeks has been another challenge. I have been cutting back pumping sessions and the amount i express, & am currently pumping 2x/day getting about 3-6 oz total. I started using cabbage compresses today and will be getting sage tincture tomorrow to help with stopping milk production. However I'd like to hear any other advice/tips on this process. Please share

Also I plan on asking her pediatrician tomorrow, but if I use sage tincture tomorrow is my breastmilk safe? I would assume yes but you never know

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    When I weaned, I slowly eliminated pumping sessions and then feeding sessions over a 2 month time frame. It was going great - I wasn't really getting engorged or having much discomfort. Then after 1-2 weeks of no feeding/pumping I suddenly got really enogrged. It was fairly painful. I expressed just enough to relieve the discomfort but not much more. I didn't use any other remedies, so I can't answer your question about the sage tincture

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    sudafed helps dry supply
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    Here was my Docs recommendation and while it may not be popular it worked. Hold out on pumping until you can't stand it any longer, and then only pump enough to give relief. You'll have a 24-48 period where you might feel like you've got an infection, but you should dry up within a week this way. It can take up to a month if you start weening 1 pumping session at a time. Tight bras, cabbage leaves in the bras if you don't have a sulfa allergy and ice packs. It was hell, but it was only hell for a week and then it was over.
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    For me, I just slowly just started lowering how often I pumped.. So instead of pumping 5 times a day I lowered it to 4 and did that for several days then I dropped down to twice a day...and stayed like that for several days..Then again down to once a day...until I just stopped. I never got the engorged feeling or anything because I think I did it so gradually and slowly but I was leaking and it was rather annoying but something I could deal with. Took about 2 weeks for the leaking to stop and for me  to be good to go.
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    I pumped 30mls once a day for two days when I felt uncomfortable and went cold turkey. I'm just waiting out for it to dry now.
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