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I'm not sure I can stand the suspense...

I am not sure which board would be the most appropriate to post this, as I won't know if I have a June due date or May due date until Thursday.
Which brings me to my point....
I had my twin DDs four years ago through IVF. We have been holding on to (and paying for) 8 frozen embryos ever since.
We finally decided that we definitely wanted one more and decided to go for it. We figured we could handle one, since I have a fairly demanding job and after having twins, one seemed doable.
Our first frozen transfer didn't work, and I told my husband that I only wanted to do one more cycle because of how stressful I found all the medicine, hormones, dr. appointments, etc.
We gambled and transferred two embryos, and I got a BFP.
I find out Thursday if it's one or two in there, and I think the wait is going to drive me crazy.
I haven't told anyone IRL that we were going to try, and I'm a little afraid of their reactions if we have twins again.
Not to mention that having twins completely eliminates all the reasons I convinced myself to have one more. And we'd need a bigger house, and a bigger car, and I got rid of all the double baby things.....I could go on and on.
At this point, I just need to know....

Re: I'm not sure I can stand the suspense...

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    Congrats on ur pregnancy. did u have a question?
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    I can understand you being nervous OP! I'd be straight up terrified of having another set of twins BUT, you've done it once already and if there are 2 in there then you'll deal with it, right?! The anticipation would cripple me! Good luck on Thursday :)

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    Congrats on ur pregnancy. did u have a question?

    She is nervous she is having twins...again. She's venting.
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    Wow!! How exciting and nerve wracking!! I am also anxious to find out if we have one or two beans in there. Congrats either way!!!!

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    Congrats on ur pregnancy. did u have a question?

    She is nervous she is having twins...again. She's venting.

    Yep. Just venting, moaning, groaning, etc.
    I wanted to try to get some of my anxiety off my chest.
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    I conceived through ivf so I can definitely understand the fear .. Best of luck to u :-)
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    Op, a great place for this type of post is the Pregnant After IF board!
    I know the nerves if it all. Our first fresh ivf resulted, 2 transfered, in identical twins that we sadly lost. Our fet I was convinced it was only 1 after transferring 2 again and we ended up with twins!
    I, however, did not have another set already at home, so I cannot imagine your anxiety!
    1, 2 , 3, 4, however many I hope you have a healthy 9 months!
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    One or two, either way you'll make it work! My neighbor had quads after her singleton. They have a suburban, her kids are now 13 and 11 almost 12. I drive an '08 pathfinder and it could easily support 4 car seats (not sure what your budget is, or seats your older two are in). Minivans are also amazing for families of 6, other neighbors tried for a third and had twins, twins are in the middle in captains chairs and the older kids are in the back.

    I'm sure your older DDs will be an amazing help with the new baby(ies) as well. Good luck to you! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

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