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Preschooler Refuses Everything

I have an almost 4 year old who will ask for things and then tell me he doesn't want whatever it is he asked for. Then, when I take it away, he screams that he wants it. I try to give it back to him and he refuses it again. What is this and how do I stop it?

Re: Preschooler Refuses Everything

  • You have a very normal 4 year old. My son does the same thing and it's annoying as shit. When we give him what he asked for, applesauce for example, and he says he doesn't want it, we take it away. He screams, and screams but we still don't give it back. We try to stay consistent with this in the hopes that he will eventually learn. Gotta roll with it.
  • That's what we've been doing, but it's not stopping. I guess we will just have to keep at it until he figures it out. But you're right, it is annoying as shit.
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  • We use the opposite tactic - if you asked for it, you will eat it. It's semi working but still a struggle.
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