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Pregnancy problems. Helpp!

Ok so im 9weeks pregnant and my nipples hurt like crazy. They either itch or burn, or worse both.
Also my joint have been killing me, doesn't help i have scoliosis im sure. But since this pregnancy, my sciatic nerve has acted up. Anyone know any workout that are ok during pregnancy.

Re: Pregnancy problems. Helpp!

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    I would really suggest you ask your doctor about any type of exercises or stretches, especially since you have scoliosis. 
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    What did your doctor say when you asked him/her?

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    Yoga can be very beneficial but as PPs have said ask your doctor.
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    vampbride99vampbride99 member
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    I would have to agree with PP, I would ask your doctor.

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    I had sciatica during my first pregnancy (starting around 23 weeks) and, while at first it hurt, walking helped. The first block or so was miserable, but I felt so much relief as I kept moving. Swimming is also a great exercise because it's low impact and allows you to stretch out as much as you need. I agree with the other commentators though as well, always contact your doctor with questions such as these, especially if you have a preexisting condition.
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