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Heartbeat on Doppler???

Hello. I am 318 pounds, 12 almost 13 weeks along and I bought a at home Doppler and am not hearing anything (I'm not surprised I didn't think I would) I just got to thinking. When I have my OB appointment in a couple days, if they can't hear the heartbeat on there Doppler will they do an ultrasound???

Re: Heartbeat on Doppler???

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    Are you using the gel? You have to aim the probe down by your public bone. It can be harder to find depending on moms size.
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    This.... This is the reason I hate home dopplers. I get calls from patents a few times a week when they can't find it at home and it causes unnecessary stress to the mother to be and it gets a bit old .

    If you really must...lay down flat , make sure you use ultrasound gel, find your pubic bone( super low at 12 weeks) , go about 1/2 inch above it and with gentle pressure press down a bit and pretend that the end of the probe is a" flashlight" projecting a light beam ( it's really a sound beam but its all I can think to compare it to) and keeping the Doppler in the same spot angle it slowly as if you are making a complete internal circle . If you hear nothing move the probe a few inches to the right or the left and do the same thing. If you hear a pulse check it with your own and if it's faster then you found LO.

    If they can't find it in the office then they don't know what they are doing, you aren't as far as you think, or it's a poor quality doppler. If they can't find it usually you will have a quick ultrasound to confirm there is indeed FHT.

    Hope that helps
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