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Preterm multiples followed by full term singleton?

So I was on this board off and on a few years ago when I had my twin boys. They were born at 27 weeks after I went in for my routine check-up and they discovered my cervix was 100% effaced and I was already dilated to 4 cm. I was placed on hospital bedrest, given the magnesium to stop the contractions and a few hours later when they went to check me Baby A's foot was hanging out and I was ready to go.. After 3 months in the NICU my boys came home happy and healthy and are a reminder everyday of Gods love and that miracles happen.... THey are going to be 2 in January and we are now 10 weeks pregnant with a singleton! (We made them double check!). 

My Dr. is not sure what happened. Did labor kickstart my cervix shortening, or did my cervix give out and that start my labor? Was it a "twin thing" or was it IC. After speaking to my mom and sister she suspected IC because they all had extremely quick births that were all a few weeks early. So she wants to be aggressive this time to KEEP IT IN! I am all for that plan as the thought of going on hospital bedrest and leaving my boys now reduces me to tears.. So we are getting cerclage put in at 13 weeks, and will be doing the P17 shots as well. She is allowing to be continue regular activities and working out for now, but wants to re-evaluate at 20 weeks and says that may be the first thing to do.  I am very hopeful that these measures, plus the fact that its just a singleton will allow me to go full-term. 

Does anyone else have an success stories of a singleton birth after pre-term twins. What kind of restrictions were you placed on??

Thank you in advance!

Re: Preterm multiples followed by full term singleton?

  • This has not happened to me personally but my cousin had her twins at 29 weeks. Then a few years later when she had her singleton I'm pretty sure they gave her 'the shot' (sorry, I don't know all the details!) and she ended up going a couple days overdue!! I believe she kept working her desk job all through the pregnancy. Good luck to you! I know her mom and sister also had really fast (but full term) births (like - almost born in the car type of deliveries). ;)
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  • I went into preterm labor with my twins at 28 weeks and was in hospital bed rest until 32 weeks when I had them.
    Two years later I had a full term baby boy. I was monitored closely during the second pregnancy and did take the progesterone shots.
    Good luck!!
  • My oldest is a singleton born at 35w4d with no bedrest... my twins were born at 35 weeks with no bedrest... 4 yrs later I had a singleton at 37 weeks with no bedrest.... and am now 26 weeks with another singleton

    Good luck!
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