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Dairy Sensitivity?

Hi, ladies,

FTM EBF a six week old. She used to have healthy mustard colored stools and, somewhere along the way, they started turning green.

She may have silent reflux, but I don't think it's a virus, bacteria or parasite because sometimes they'll go from green to mustard in the same day (I don't think it would fluctuate if it were a virus, etc).

Does anyone have experience with a dairy sensitivity or too much foremilk that may be able to she'd some light on my situation? I'm eliminating dairy starting today to see if that helps.

She spit up twice last night, but normally she doesn't spit up, but is hard to burp sometimes and seems uncomfortable when she needs to have a BM. (Is not constipated, though.)

Thank you in advance, mommies! It's so hard to see our little babies uncomfortable and feel helpless.

Re: Dairy Sensitivity?

  • I know that @melissa11015 has a LO with a milk allergy. Maybe she could offer some advice?
    This board really isn't that active, FYI. People aren't just ignoring you, just aren't around here much.
  • My daughter was just diagnosed with Cow Milk Protein Induced Colitis this morning at 11 days old. 15-30% of these babies are also allergic to soy. Please see your pediatrician right away as this can cause babies to have a hard time gaining weight. With hind/fore milk imbalance poop is often frothy but in cow milk allergy it is full of mucus and often streaked with blood. I can send you a photo if you would like, but hope you have found answers by now. 
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  • Also, my little cries for about five minutes before each BM she has about 10 a day and they are so forceful that when she had one without a diaper on it shot over a foot and launched off the end of the changing table! She also has very dry skin and nasal congestion all believed to be from the cows milk protein. 
  • My LO has a milk and egg allergy. His allergies presented as a rash and hives all over his body. It started out as little pimples which o thought was baby acne but slowly spread to cover his whole body and then we started to get that cleared up and he broke out in large hives. His poop had a little blood in it that we couldn't see....dr tested and detected it but told us that he might have a slight allergy but it was so small that he didn't believe so. After 3 months of trying everything the dr suggested, we got a new pedi. She sent us to allergist right away and I had to stop bf. He's on soy milk formula and we have to try new foods for 4 days instead of 3. His skin is much improved! I couldn't give up milk and eggs...too hard. It's in everything!! Dr believes he will grow out of it, but for now it's soy formula and milk and egg free baby food. His poop changed color all the time but I don't know if that was his allergy or if it was just him. I hope this helps!!!
  • My daughter has multiple food allergies that were really hard to initially figure out. My milk was slow to come and she lost a lot of weight after she was first born so the pedi recommended formula, with cows milk. Turned her tummy inside out. Then once we figured out nursing, she cried like she had colic and couldn't calm down. Not easy as a FTM. Did some research of our own and cut out dairy and citrus from my diet. Much happier baby and she doubled her weight in 4 months!
    Wasn't until she turned a year, we did the blood sample allergy testing. Came back with dairy, raw egg, dogs (we have 6 dogs, she become immune due to exposure) soy, and extreme peanut allergy. Over time, I worked dairy back into my diet and I eat pb&j sandwiches with no effect on her, she just can't eat them directly. We make overcooked scrambled eggs (toasty eggs) with no effect anymore either.
    She just turned 2 and I still nurse twice a day, but give her coconut milk too and extremely healthy. The allergies don't affect her eating. Instead of taking her out for ice cream, we go to Jamba Juice for her Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie.
  • In my opinion, you need not to worry about the frequency and color of your baby's poop. Breastfed babies often have 6 to 8 times poop and the color may vary. Sudden drop in frequency is also common as the mother's milk gets matured. When the color is yellow , it means the milk is moving through your baby's digestive system fast and when it slows down, the color becomes green. It's all about the transmit time. However, if it is black, red or white, you must visit the doctor immediately. 
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