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Weight Gain During Twin Pregnancy?

I'm 13w with twins (own placentas and sacs). So far I have consistently lost weight. I am overweight so that's not a bad thing. How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy? How much was considered healthy? My doctors are not concerned but now I'm nearing my second Tri I'm interested to see what your experiences are
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Re: Weight Gain During Twin Pregnancy?

  • It's a very individual thing and you're going to get a lot of different responses, just FYI. I started out overweight but lost 9lbs in the first trimester because of morning sickness. I started gaining slowly after that and I'm up 18 pounds at 29 weeks. My doctor has not told me a "goal" of weight to gain or calories to eat, if you're slowly and steadily gaining then all should be well. My twins are growing well and perfectly healthy too! :)
  • It really all depends on the person and what weight you are at before getting pregnant. I've read that you should gain between 35-45 lbs with twins but all just goes by your weight before. I gained 40lbs with my twins and delivered them at just over 38 weeks. They were over 6 lbs each. It's going to be so different for everyone!

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  • I'm almost 26 weeks with twins. I lost 20 lbs to start with. To date I have not gained any weight. I too had weight to lose, and basically things are just redistributing at this point. My OB is thrilled with my progress and not worried at all. I am keeping my fingers crossed that at our ultrasound later in November that they will still be growing well, but from everything external they seem to be doing great.

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    I was pretty overweight before pregnancy and I lost about 15 pounds in the first trimester. I am currently 32 weeks and have gained 13 pounds from my original weight, so about 28 pounds from my lowest weight. My doctors don't seem concerned. Hope this helps!

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  • Yeah, everyone is different. My twins were born at 38w2d at a combined 14 and a quarter pounds. I only gained 11 my whole pregnancy. And they each had their own placentas and sacs. After I have birth, I was down 25 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

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  • I didn't expect so many people would have lost weight!
    I started off small(ish) - 112lbs at 5'5". I'm only 15wks 5days and have gained 8lbs.
    My doctor said I should gain 30-35lbs. Now I'm thinking I'm gaining too fast.
  • I started off average (138 and 5'4") and have gained 28 lbs at 36 weeks....being induced next week. My drs target was 35-45 lbs, but he said you'll gain whAt you need. Babies are consistently measuring two weeks ahead so no one is concerned.
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  • um yea, I started at 145 ish and gained 70 lbs with my twins. They were born at 38week, total of about 13lbs of baby plus " the biggest placenta" he's ever seen. A week after birth, I had lost 50lbs. Lots of water weight towards the end for me. 
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  • It wasn't until the end of the 2nd tri that I really started to show and my belly "popped". That was about the time the weight started to come on too. To save myself the anguish I didn't even keep track of how much weight I was gaining! My guess is that by the end I'd put on about 50lbs with my twins. I was average weight to begin with.
    As long as your doctors say it's ok, you are probably fine. 
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  • At my first appt at 8w1d I was 163 (I'm 5'7). Today at 21w I was 174, so only +11lb so far, which is on the lower side when looking at the guidelines I was given per trimester. They suggested 9-11 lb gain by 13 wks, 24lb gain by 24 wks, and a pound a week after that. But, both babies are measuring at 49% on whatever growth scale they use in the detailed ultrasound, so totally average and the doctor isn't concerned.
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  • I've put on way more than all of you.
  • I'm 17 wks I've gained 13 lbs. My ob asked me to slow down the gain at my last appt. So i wish i had lost in the beginning. However kind of thankful that morning sickness hasn't been that bad. They did say i should gain between 25 - 35 lbs.
  • Maybe it depends on your starting wieght? The doctors were adamant I gain at least 40 pounds.
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