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Aches and Pains

Are there any other mummy's who are experiencing aches and pains in their pelvic region and back? I experienced a bit of ache and pain after birth but I thought it would have gone by now

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  • I actually have been doing physio for my epidural site. I have been in horrible pain. I have really bad stiffnessall over in the morning too. My friend said she had the same stiffness after her daughter.
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  • I have had on and off pelvic pain since I gave birth, it usually flares up after exercise or sex. It's odd because I didn't have any aches and pains during pregnancy.
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  • jlm684jlm684 member
    edited October 2015
    Same here as pp. No aches and pains during pregnancy but if I do too much or lots of lifting LO my back is sore and sometimes I feel like I have a pinched nerve which I work out by stretching
  • I have started back swimming and dance class which is helping. I thought I would not be in pain after 10 weeks of giving birth.... Hopefully things go back to normal soon !
  • I suffer with a really achey middle back. I wonder if it is to do with back labour although I am 12 weeks PP now x
  • Yep to both of them. I notice it most in pelvis when out walking with baby and dogs but eases off again after a rest. My back I've put down to the sudden weight change. Just focusing more on picking her up in the right position and straightening my back more rather than slouching to hopefully help strengthen the muscles.
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