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Donating Ready to feed Neosure formula

I am former NICU mommy to my son. He was sent home about a month ago with Neosure. Unfortunatly his tummy doesnt handle very well. After many doctor appts , he was switched formulas. They are unopened, untouched bottles. If any of you NICU mommies need them please let me know. Its about $300 worth of formula.

Re: Donating Ready to feed Neosure formula

  • May I ask what you switched to?
  • Similac Sensative. Its essier on his belly. Neosure is very tough bc of all the extra stuff it has.
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  • Yeah that's what my little guy is on, and we definitely struggle to finish a bottle sometimes. I'm not sure if we're at the point of needing to switch, but I almost think he'd eat more if he had something a little easier on the belly.
  • If your lediatrician is anything like mine, she will not want you to switch..will tell you the 6 days of no bowel movement is normal, presribe you zantac and send you on your way. I took matter into my owm hands and now i have a happy baby! Sometime we meed to advocate for our own baby
  • Yeah he's still pooping and sleeping alright so I don't think he's got bad reflux. Feeding time is just miserable sometimes! I'm glad you stood up for yourself and your baby is happier. Does he eat more at each bottle or about the same?
  • I have 4 ready to eat bottles I will send to whoever wants the OP's formula!
  • We switched to nutramigen.
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