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Blood tests?

Anyone else NOT have a blood test done until their first ultrasound? Neither of my doctors offices told me to come in for one

Re: Blood tests?

  • I didn't with my first/loss, but I did after that. I saw a fertility specialist with my second pregnancy, though, you may have to ask a regular OB to do it. It's probably not routine for them.
  • I didn't with my first loss but I did with my 2nd loss and have with this pregnancy also.
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  • I called them crying asking if there was any way we could tell if this pregnancy was viable yet.  That was at 4+3wks.  They had me do the blood test and everything came back normal.  Had I not said anything I would have waited until 8wks for my U/S
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  • Call and ask.  My Dr. office always does blood work a week before the first appointment which is usually well before the first ultrasound. I think after a loss, they should be happy to run blood work for you. Good Luck!

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  • I didn't with first because we had no reason to worry and had a good ultrasound.  With my second, it was very early so I hadn't called the dr.  This time, I got a + test the day my period was due and was on the phone to my dr getting blood drawn that afternoon and 48 hours later.  The results were good and while I know it's not a guarantee, it helped me relax a little bit. 
  • I went in right after my positive test too. It's just how my ob office works but I know this varies greatly between practices. Many won't even see you until 8 weeks or more. Definitely worth asking about!

  • I haven't had blood work yet and I already had my first ultrasound this Monday at 7 weeks 4 days. I think I will have it at my next doctors appointment
  • I took 6 tests over the course of s week. The second line continued to darken so I'm hoping that's a good sign
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