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7 month issue

So I have been ebf since week 2. He spent 1 week in the NICU so I had to pump and take milk in. Anyway, I despise pumping so I nurse him on demand since I'm a sahm. He is eating more solids now and he seems to be getting frustrated nursing. I know my supply has decreased and I am thinking about offering formula too. I am not sure what to do. He's been eating a lot of solid food but I know that milk should be his primary nutrition so I am worried he isn't getting enough. He nurses 4-5 times a day ( since I don't have it in a bottle I have no idea how much milk he is getting) and eats 2-3.5 oz of solids after 4-5 times as well.

Re: 7 month issue

  • Are you getting diapers with clear yellow urine or is the urine decreasing and getting darker? That's how you know. By 7 months baby wants to be on the go, sitting up, crawling, playing. He may be bored nursing. Try to nurse in a quiet low light room, no toys around to keep him from getting distracted. Hope that helps.
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