Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant four months after miscarriage and scared

I found out a few days ago that I'm about 4 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby and the terror is starting to sink in. Odds are my miscarriage was a fluke and lighting will not strike the same place twice but I'm going through moments where it's so hard to get excited. How do you ladies stay positive?

Re: Pregnant four months after miscarriage and scared

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    Congratulations! You've given your body plenty of time, so that's good. As far as your mind goes, I never stopped worrying...but I'm also a worrier. My nurse told me to enjoy it for an hour every day and, even when I was really stressed, that was something that I was able to do.

    Are you going to get your hcg and progesterone checked a couple of times? That just gave me one more thing to worry about! But I'm sure it makes some people feel better. :P
  • I had hcg checked the day I got my BFP and it was at 375. 48 hours later it more than doubled to 829! I just hope it keeps doubling!
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  • Oh, yay! I'm sure it will. I've never heard one story of someone's doubling, then not doubling again. I know it's nerve racking...but it's exciting! Congratulations again. <3
  • Welcome! We are all in the same boat- I.e. A very scary place. It's hard to not expect the worst, but we have try and hope for the best, right?? Congrats on your bfp- wishing you tons of luck and a happy healthy pregnancy.
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  • Sometimes I don't have any symptoms and OMG that really scares me. But then again I'm not even 5 weeks pregnant yet. Anyone else freak out about that too?
  • Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy 9 months! I have had one healthy baby delivered and never had any symptoms with her, with the baby I miscarried I had every symptom in the book, and I am now 23 weeks with my rainbow baby and have only had off and on sore breasts and cravings! So, no symptoms is not necessary a bad thing.
  • Thank you! Hearing that is VERY comforting. I also just talked to my friends mom who is a midwife and she said it's normal for your symptoms to fluctuate.
  • My breasts would go back to normal and I'd be convinced that I'd lost it. One time the nurse even brought me in for an ultrasound when the doctor wasn't there because I was so upset.
  • Some people go weeks without even knowing they're pregnant. I constantly remind myself of that. I only have a few symptoms here and there but no sore breasts yet just some fatigue and extra thirsty therefore using the bathroom more
  • Yes! I'm 5 weeks and 4 days preg and a nervous mess. I'm trying so hard to stay positive but I'm so worried . I don't really have any symptoms but thirst and peeing a lot!
  • I too am a worrier and getting through those first couple of months was rough.  Nothing sped up time and I just practiced my patience.  I liked being really busy on the weekend because I knew that would fast forward time by two day.  Good luck!!
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  • I completely understand where you are coming from! I had a miscarriage in July and it was heartbreaking. I am currently 5 weeks today! I feel completely different this go around. Last time I has spotting and pain right from the bat but last time i worried myself to death. I decided I cannot do that again because I am not helping at all. I am still nervous and will be a nervous wreck until I go to the doctor next Thursday! I honestly try and keep myself busy at work so I don't obsess over it! Wish you the best of luck
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